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Applications will be graded on the extent to which they meet the following criteria:

The 2017 NCVRW colors are:

Royal Blue   Red   Cream  
C=100; M=70; Y=0; K=0 C=15; M=100; Y=90; K=10 C=0; M=12; Y=29; K=0
R=0; G=91; B=179 R=190; G=30; B=45 R=255; G=255; B=185
PMS 2935 PMS 200 PMS 7506

Collaboration and support. The application must describe a project in which a variety of victim service providers, public officials and local businesses collaborate to promote victims' rights and services for victims of all types of crimes. The application should describe the types of financial and in-kind support from participating agencies and local businesses for this specific project. (15 points)

Involvement of crime victims and survivors.The project should provide meaningful opportunities for crime victims and survivors to participate in and provide guidance to the proposed project throughout its planning and implementation stages. The project should target victims of all types of crime in a community, including victims in minority and immigrant communities. (15 points)

Recommendations for funding will be based upon several factors in addition to the strength of the applications which will be graded as described above.  These factors include:

The Office for Victims of Crime will make the final funding decisions.