2017 Community Awareness Projects

"Strength. Resilience. Justice"

The projects and their planned activities are grouped by state. Use the alphabetical index to quickly find your state.

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Mobile Police Department, Mobile: The Mobile Police Department will hold a NCVRW 5K Run/Walk for victims/survivors of crime on Saturday, April 8. Race participants will each be running/walking for a victim/survivor and will have the name and portrait of that individual on their race bib. Balloons will be released at the beginning of the race. Community agencies will participate and will have booths and display flags detailing agency information. Information on culturally and linguistically accessible victim resources will be available for migrant populations. A Celebration of Life event will be held the evening before the race where victims/survivors will be able to share their stories on a celebration wall and provide testimonials for the audience of race participants and community members. The NCVRW logo will appear on the front and back of the race t-shirts, along with the words “Strength. Resilience. Justice” on the back of the shirt. The logo will be featured in all print, broadcast and social media promotions for events and in the PSA to be filmed by MPD for airing during NCVRW.

One Place Metro Alabama Family Justice Center, Birmingham: One Place Metro Alabama Family Justice Center, a coalition providing coordinated multi-disciplinary services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in Jefferson County, will hold a Recognition Ceremony during NCVRW. The event is expected to involve 250 members of the community. Meg Garvin of the National Crime Victim Law Institute has been invited to speak. A panel discussion will feature 14 year old child abuse survivor Ashley Smith. Representatives from each participating agency will serve as table hosts for victims/survivors who will be invited as special guests to be recognized. Local agencies and law enforcement will nominate victims to be honored in one of each of the following categories - Strength, Resilience, Justice, and Overall. T-shirts utilizing the NCVRW theme and colors will be provided. Community agencies will be on site to staff information tables.



Victims for Justice, Anchorage: Victims for Justice will hold a Tree Ceremony at the beginning of NCVRW to raise awareness of victims’ rights and honor all victims of violent crimes. The Ceremony speaker will focus on the NCVRW theme and a municipal proclamation honoring NCVRW will be read. The talk will be followed by a short walk to a tree planted in a park years ago by Victims for Justice. Large ribbons, representing victims of all types of violent crime, will be tied to the tree by victims and prominent members of the community. Smaller ribbons will be available for other victim/survivors and members of the general public to use. Representatives of the media will be present to speak with victims who are interested in sharing their stories. Victims for Justice will end NCVRW with an Awards Banquet to recognize victims, volunteers and professionals who have made a difference in the fight for victims’ rights. State and local government officials will attend, along with members of numerous crime victim organizations from around the state. Several police and veterans organizations will sponsor tables at the event so that victims can attend free of charge. Banquet decor will be in NCVRW colors.



City of Maricopa Police Department, Maricopa: The Maricopa Police Department Victim Assistance Program will implement a mass media campaign featuring two billboards promoting NCVRW and the distribution of printed coasters with the NCVRW theme on one side and victim resource information on the other to approximately 20 local restaurants. In addition, NCVRW posters will be put up in public places including city hall, the post office, community centers and the public library. The Mayor will issue a proclamation at the City Council meeting during NCVRW which will then kickoff a social media blitz by the City using various social and media outlets, along with press releases to get the message out to the public. The Chamber of Commerce will be assisting with the distribution of posters and materials. The County Attorney’s Office is planning a NCVRW kick-off event as well with a speaker and a movie. The Police Department is collaborating on this event.



Crime Victims Assistance Association of Arkansas, Little Rock: The Crime Victims Assistance Association of Arkansas, which consists of representatives of law enforcement and victim service organizations from around the State, will coordinate three public events during NCVRW. The Opening Ceremonies event, co-sponsored with Parents of Murdered Children and Mothers Against Drunk Driving, will serve as a memorial for victims/survivors of homicide. This two hour event will include a lantern release. The second event will be a Recognition and Victim Rights Forum. It will include a panel discussion on victims’ rights and the presentation of awards to individuals, agencies and victims who have exemplified dedication to victim rights. The NCVRW theme will be utilized, along with a viewing of the NCVRW video. The third event will be a Candlelight Vigil for victims and their families. The focus of this event will be on often underserved victims of violence such as those with disabilities, the elderly, hearing impaired, LGBTQ, and people from other counties. While open to the public, this event is intended to provide a more intimate and focused setting in which to acknowledge the impact of crime, and to offer an opportunity for healing and connections to service providers. A children’s art activity area will be provided. Giveaways include children’s art bags, stress balls, flashlights, buttons and ribbons.



Lassen Family Services, Inc., Susanville: Lassen Family Services, which serves victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and elder and child abuse and neglect in Lassen County, will hold a 4th Annual Walk-A-Mile-In-Their-Shoes event during NCVRW. The Walk will be advertised via social media, radio spots, newspaper articles and posters. It will begin with an opening ceremony at the Community Center with speakers from the City and Lassen Family Services, a victim impact speech, and an “empathy and education award” voted on by students throughout the County. Victims will carry the 2017 NCVRW banner while leading the one mile walk. T-shirts utilizing the NCVRW theme will be given to the first 540 registrants. The Walk will end in the park where information booths, materials and victim services providers will be present. A survivors’ booth will be set up and staffed by Lassen Family Services and survivors who will share messages of hope. There will be a chalk wall next to the booth where messages in support of standing together against crime can be posted. Lassen Family Services will collaborate with local law enforcement, high school Violence Intervention Programs, local victim service programs, and the City to host the event. A planning committee will be established that will reflect the diversity in the community. The Federal Prison’s art program will produce the NCVRW banners used for the event.

Monterey County District Attorney's Office, Victim Assistance Unit, Salinas: The Monterey County District Attorney’s Office will hold the 17th annual Victims’ Dedication Ceremony at the courthouse during NCVRW to honor victims and survivors of all types of crime in a three county area. The ceremony will be planned by a committee to include victims/survivors and will be based on NCVRW packet materials. It will include an inspirational professional speaker, a slide show honoring homicide vic- tims, an invitation to survivors to announce the name of their loved one, inspirational token gifts for victims/survivors, and the release of doves in honor of homicide victims. Attendance is anticipated to be around 250 people and will include victims/survivors, local law enforcement, prison wardens, probation agents, elected officials, non-profit agency representatives, judges, prosecutors and the public.

San Francisco District Attorney's Office/Victim Services Division, San Francisco: The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office - Victim Services Division will hold a citywide event at City Hall during NCVRW at which 500 people are anticipated will at-tend. The event will begin with a press conference and annual “Justice Awards” and will be followed by a community resource fair that will include the participation of twenty lo-cal victim/survivor service agencies, the planting of an interactive victim’s living wall commemorative garden, and family-friendly activities. The garden will be planned in conjunction with the Trauma Recovery Center and various victim/survivor lead organizations. Participants will be able to plant a succulent in honor of a loved one lost to violence. The garden will later be moved to the Victim Services lounge at the District Attorney’s Office. There will be giveaways at the fair to include stress reducer balls and reusable bags. There will be activities such as face painting, balloon art, and music. The NCVRW theme “Strength. Resilience. Justice.” will frame the day’s events.

Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center, Santa Barbara: The Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center will team up with the County of Santa Barbara Victim Witness Program to host a resource fair during NCVRW for Spanish-speaking community members. The purpose of the event is to create a better understanding of the rights and resources available to those exposed to violence. Approximately 150 people are expected to attend. The event will include a keynote address by a recognized personality (e.g., athlete, activist) who can serve as a role model for youth exposed to violence. Opening remarks will be made by a public official who will discuss the importance of victims’ rights and ask for a moment of silence to honor homicide victims. The event will include a memorial display dedicated to local victims and their families, an art therapy workshop, and a visit from Little Star, “the amazing therapy horse.” The event will close with a survivor sharing a message of strength, resilience and justice. Giveaways will include resource magnets, stress balls and notebooks. Local media (print, television and web outlets) and social media will be used to advertise the event and to bring awareness to NCVRW and how to become involved in community efforts to help victims. The NCVRW theme and colors will be utilized throughout all aspects of the event.

South Asian Network, Artesia: South Asian Network (SAN), which serves South Asian American and immigrant survivors of crime in Southern California, will conduct a “Surviving Violence” campaign that will culminate in a Resource Fair and Open House during NCVRW. The campaign will include the creation of pamphlets and posters for store fronts in Los Angeles and Orange Counties utilizing the NCVRW theme. The posters will be produced in eight different languages. SAN will develop a marketing strategy to include local ethnic media, social media, and partnerships with faith-based organizations and community leaders. The Resource Fair will include a presentation, information tables, and giveaways.

Victim Assistance Bureau Butte County District Attorney, Oroville: The Butte County District Attorney Victim Assistance Bureau is planning a four week campaign promoting victims’ rights along with an awards ceremony to be held during NCVRW. The campaign will begin March 15 and will include ads in bus shelters and in newspapers throughout the County. The ads will use the NCVRW theme and colors. The target audience will be the transient and rural populations in the County. Print and online ads promoting victims’ rights will also run in the local weekly paper for the two weeks prior to NCVRW. The ceremony will honor community members who have gone above and beyond for victims’ services and two victims who have shown strength and resilience in their fight for justice. Award nomination forms will be sent to local law enforcement, victim service agencies and other community organizations. The honorees will receive a plaque and flowers. Reusable grocery bags promoting NCVRW will be given away.



Eighth Judicial District Attorney's Office, Fort Collins: The Eighth Judicial District Attorney’s Office, which serves a two county area, will partner with law enforcement, victim service agencies, and local businesses to host a two hour community wide NCVRW Awareness Walk. The one mile walk, which will be held during NCVRW, is expected to have 100 participants. The walk will begin with opening remarks and awards and will conclude with a speech by a victim/survivor. The speeches will highlight the 2017 NCVRW theme of “Strength. Resilience. Justice.” Participants will receive a NCVRW “Walker’s Bib”, t-shirt, and water bottle. Various organizations will host information tables along the route.

The Center for Trauma & Resilience, Denver: The Center plans to hold five public events during NCVRW utilizing experts in the field of personal and community resilience-building in the aftermath of crime. The events, which will be held in different locations, will be promoted via mass media outlets that target members of the LGBT community, the bilingual community, the African American community and a variety of socio & economically diverse neighborhoods. Local agencies will also promote the events. 1,000 postcards utilizing the NCVRW theme and colors will be printed with the list of events, along with information about victims’ rights and resources. Trauma sensitive yoga (TSY) will be offered at two events for Latino families, an event for college students and an event for seniors. Participants will receive a cream colored yoga mat imprinted with “Strength. Resilience. Justice” and “2017 NCVRW.” An event will also be held at a local African Methodist Episcopal Church that will include speakers from Children’s Hospital, the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado, The Latino Forum, and the Greater Denver Interfaith Alliance and Muslim Family Services. They will speak about “Strength. Resilience. Justice.” and healing ourselves and our communities in the aftermath of crime.



Delaware Victims' Rights Task Force, Wilmington: The Delaware Victims’ Rights Task Force, a statewide coalition of service providers, advocates and survivors, is planning two public events during NCVRW. The first event will include a proclamation signing by the Governor with an anticipated attendance of 75 people. Three Probation Officers will receive awards for their work with victims. The NCVRW theme will be highlighted in the remarks given by the Task Force Chair and will be on the plaques given to the award winners. The second event, two days later, will be the annual Crime Victims Tribute which is expected to draw 150-200 people. A survivor will be invited to speak. A memorial video will be played to honor those who have died as a result of violence. A candle lighting ceremony will be held and local musicians will perform. Artwork and memorial items will be displayed including art created by two survivors’ groups. Giveaways will include wristbands with the NCVRW theme and colors, portable power banks, and bags with the NCVRW theme to use for resource materials. During the last week in March, 20 survivors of domestic violence will meet with a local artist to create art that represents their understanding of the NCVRW theme. A second group of domestic violence survivors will create buttons using the colors and theme and a personal message. The buttons will be distributed at the events. The Task Force will print 1,000 flyers advertising these events. The flyers will be mailed to the 300 survivors and advocates on the Task Force mailing list. The remaining flyers will be distributed to community locations throughout the State.


District of Columbia

Network for Victim Recovery of DC, Washington: The Network for Victim Recovery of DC, which provides advocacy, case management and legal services for victims/survivors, will organize a public awareness “Know Your Rights” campaign and events to take place during NCVRW. The campaign will include two free yoga sessions for the public. One of the sessions will be outdoors at a park. Staff will be on hand to distribute NCVRW themed printed materials and giveaways (pens, key lights, water bottles, silly putty, and reusable bags) and raise awareness of victims’ rights. The Network will also partner with two local libraries to host free “Know Your Rights” educational presentations during NCVRW. The sessions and educational presentations will be publicized through an online communications campaign with the assistance of the DC libraries and local organizations. The Network will also host a community engagement event that will be featured on Facebook Live and as a Twitter Town Hall utilizing the hashtag #DefineJustice. Staff will build audience engagement via Twitter and Facebook by posting information and promotional content leading up to the event. Organizations, victims/survivors and victim advocates will collaborate for this event.

The DC Center for the LBGT Community, Washington: The DC Center for the LGBT Community is planning three connected events - a Community Group Art “Therapy” Night, a March, and a Community Program. The adapted theme for these events is Strength Resilience and Justice for All: “Silent Champions Living Out Loud!” They plan to bring the community together by sharing stories and inspirational artistic strategies through demonstrative presentations. Art supplies will be available at the first event. Signs made at the Art “Therapy” Night will be used for the March. Staff and volunteers will be on hand to share information about victims’ rights and to ensure that the “March Art” is informative and appropriate. Official NCVRW posters will be printed and used for the March as well. Immediately following the March, there will be a Community Program that will include five speakers and five artistic performances meant to highlight victims’ rights. The evening will include dance, song, poetry, and personal reflections from “Champions”.



City of Cape Coral Police Department, Cape Coral: The City of Cape Coral Police Department Victim Assistance Unit will collaborate with the Victim Services Coalition of the 20th Judicial Circuit to host a NCVRW Community Awareness Event. The event will include guest speakers, song and poem dedications, testimonials from victims and information tables staffed by over 20 local service agencies. Attendees will receive reusable bags to collect printed materials and promotional giveaways all of which will include the NCVRW theme. Children will be able to paint a “memory rock” to place in their garden at home. Near the end of the event, bagpipers will lead attendees to butterfly plants on display. The Police Department Honor Guard will be present. Members of the Department will provide attendees with a butterfly to release. The plants will later be donated to a memorial butterfly garden. Each attendee will receive a long stemmed rose to take home. There will be a mass media campaign leading up to NCVRW that will include press releases, audio/video interviews that will be pushed out via social media outlets, and additional exposure by way of local morning TV shows. Postcard invitations will be mailed to victims the Coalition has worked with in the past. Approximately 150 people are expected to attend.

Manatee County Sheriff's Office, Bradenton: The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office Victim Advocate Unit will partner with the Victims’ Rights Council to host a candlelight vigil during NCVRW. The event will promote awareness of rights and services for all victims. The candle lighting ceremony, which will honor the county’s victims/survivors, will include music, vocal performances and speakers. Two hundred people are expected to attend. The event will be advertised via banners that will be put up two weeks in advance and a 30-second video produced by the Sheriff’s Office that will be run during movie previews at the largest movie venue (20 theaters) in the area seven days a week beginning in mid-February. The video will inform viewers of victims’ rights and local services, along with the date for the NCVRW Vigil. The NCVRW theme will be incorporated in to all aspects of this project. Giveaways will include NCVRW t-shirts and pens.



Office of the Attorney General, Guam, Tamuning: The Office of the Attorney General is planning two projects for NCVRW. The first is a Community Resource Fair involving law enforcement, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Commission Program, non-profits, faith-based organizations and local businesses. The focus will be on victims’ rights and services. Giveaway items will include an event bag, brochures, victims’ rights cards, and resource directories. The second event is a coordinated child abuse awareness program for elementary and middle school children. The NCVRW theme and colors will be integrated in to the printed and promotional materials for both efforts. A mass media advertising campaign to include radio PSAs and media panel interviews is planned for NCVRW.



Boundary County Youth Crisis & Domestic Violence Hotline, Bonners Ferry: The Boundary County Youth Crisis & Domestic Violence Hotline/Victim Services Program, which serves Native Americans, migrant farmers, and others in a poor rural area in Idaho, will distribute 400 recycled plastic promotional bags utilizing NCVRW artwork and victim rights information at three grocery stores during Victim Rights Week. They will also air 60-second public service announcements on the local radio station that will be modeled after the suggested PSAs in the Resource Guide. The station covers a 4+ county area. The radio station will post an icon on its website that will link to the Program’s landing page with a display on the rights of crime victims. The station will provide an in-kind match for a total of 70 online commercials promoting NCVRW and will send email notification to 8,000 “VIP members” in the county to draw attention to the PSAs.



Lake County State's Attorney's Office, Waukegan: The Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office Victim Witness Unit will conduct a community-wide campaign to promote NCVRW. The campaign will include press releases and social media ads along with posters and brochures that will be distributed to stores, libraries, and community service agencies. A public event will be held during NCVRW, with several activities leading up to the event to promote it. The event will include an inspirational/motivational speaker who will focus on the theme of “Strength. Resilience. Justice.” Awards will be presented to recognize those who have worked hard to help victims. Local social service agencies will distribute resource materials. NCVRW themed balloons will be displayed along with banners and handbills printed to include the Victim’s Bill of Rights and information about services. NCVRW themed giveaways will include t-shirts, pins, bags, magnets, pens and pencils that will be distributed at outreach events in the weeks before and at the main public event. Law enforcement associations, faith-based service agencies, and the local health department will be among the organizations invited to collaborate on this event.



Albion Fellows Bacon Center, Evansville: The Albion Fellows Bacon Center provides services to domestic violence and sexual assault victims in an 11 county mostly rural area of Indiana. The Center is planning a variety of efforts to coincide with NCVRW. The NCVRW theme will serve as the focus of all events, materials and giveaways. Digital and mobile billboards will run in several counties. Information cards with victims’ rights and services on them will be distributed to law enforcement and court personnel. Information tables will be set up at courthouses, medical facilities, libraries, banks and schools. NCVRW posters will be displayed and giveaways (lip balm, buttons, phone sleeves, mirrors, etc.) will be offered. A social media campaign will be undertaken that will include a live Facebook chat highlighting resources, promoting events, and allowing victims/survivors an opportunity to share their stories of #strength, #resilience, #justice. Coasters and beverage napkins with the NCVRW theme will be distributed to at least 50 restaurants and bars. Tray liners and table tents promoting awareness of cyber safety, substance abuse, teen dating violence and bullying will be distributed to local high school cafeterias. A Celebration of Survivors will be held during NCVRW to allow survivors of all types of crime to speak out, share a poem, artwork, music or other expression of how their victimization has strengthened them and made them more resilient. Community leaders will speak and there will be resource tables. Balloons will be released and a board that will be displayed at the courthouse will be provided for survi- vors to write about their experiences. Community partners will serve together on a NCVRW planning committee.

Legacy House, Indianapolis: Legacy House will collaborate with six universities, a high school, and eight public and non-profit organizations to host multiple events during NCVRW. Attendance at all events combined is expected to be 1,000. The primary event is a ROCC-a-Thon (Reaching Out to Citizens affected by Crime) in downtown Indianapolis. The event will feature 20 large rocking chairs and “celebrity rockers.” It will include a victims’ rights resource fair and presentations from crime victims and providers. Students from a local high school will serve as volunteers for this four hour event which is expected to draw 300 people. Other events that will be held during the week include a resource fair and public rally hosted by the Marion County Prosecutor; a candlelight vigil hosted by the Survivors of Violent Death Support Group and the police department; a training for the media and the public by the Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault on the use and impact of language leading to victim-blaming; a panel discussion and poverty simulation exercise hosted by the Domestic Violence Network highlighting the connection between poverty and crime; a “Coffee with a Cop” hosted by the Julian Center and the police department; a Danger Assessment Live Training Seminar hosted by Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis; and one or more “Take Back the Night” walks. NCVRW themed promotional items (t-shirts, wristbands, sun glasses, lip balm, balloons) will be offered at all events. All events will be public and will be marketed with references to NCVRW via local media advisories, social media, public service announcements, flyers, and partner newsletters and websites.

Victim Assistance Fort Wayne Police Department, Fort Wayne: Victim Assistance, Fort Wayne Police Department will conduct a mass media advertising campaign during NCVRW. They will also hold a Candlelight Vigil at the Courthouse during the week. The Vigil will promote NCVRW and its theme of “Strength. Resilience. Justice.” It will include a proclamation, NCVRW posters and a portrait wall of homicide victims. NCVRW themed t-shirts will be given away. Local officials, survivors, law enforcement, and advocates will speak. The mass media campaign will include digital billboards, newspaper ads, email blasts, and printed materials. The campaign will begin one week before NCVRW. Numerous public and non-profit organizations will collaborate.



Crime Victim Assistance Division, Iowa Attorney General's Office, Des Moines: The Crime Victim Assistance Division of the Iowa Attorney General’s is planning a NCVRW outreach effort that will target marginalized communities of color and refugee communities. The project will involve printing business cards in eight different languages with NCVRW information on one side and Crime Victim Assistance Division contact information on the other. The cards, which will utilize the NCVRW theme and colors, will be distributed statewide via a number of culturally specific victim services programs.

Family Crisis Centers, Sioux Center: Family Crisis Centers is planning to promote the Call Center’s 1-800 phone number by partnering with a gas station chain. Signs advertising the number and promoting NCVRW will be displayed at 40 gas stations across the State (or 80 if the gas station chain matches the funding) for a one month period beginning April 2. The signs, which will include the Call Center’s 1-800 number and text line, will be located on double-sided pump toppers on six gas pumps at each location and in a display on the counter top of each store. A similar marketing campaign in 2016 targeted rural areas. As such, this effort will target urban areas. Six different sign designs will be created, with each design incorporating a silhouette and a different victim/survivor story to represent victims of homicide, domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault and teen dating violence.

Iowa Organization for Victim Assistance, Des Moines: The Iowa Organization for Victim Assistance is planning to collaborate with other victim-related organizations to host a two hour event in Des Moines that will bring together victims, service providers, corrections/criminal justice staff and members of the public for the purpose of increasing awareness of victims’ issues. The Attorney General will present a NCVRW Governor’s Proclamation. The Directors of various State agencies will make opening remarks in line with the NCVRW theme. Two victim/survivors will speak and Iowans whose lives were lost as a result of violent crime will be honored by a “Reading of Names.” An award will be presented to a nominee who has done exemplary work on behalf of victims. IOVA will also rent four billboards around the State utilizing the “Strength. Resilience. Justice.” theme. A poster will be commissioned that will travel around the State and displayed at various NCVRW events. NCVRW themed water bottles will be distributed at the event in Des Moines and at other local NCVRW events around the State including a Take Back the Night rally.

NIAD Center for Human Development, Mason City: NIAD Center for Human Development plans to distribute 5,000 NCVRW themed coffee cup sleeves to coffee shops in their 14 county service area. NCVRW posters will also be placed in the coffee shops and in courthouses, social services buildings, schools, businesses and police departments. Bookmarks will be distributed to schools, libraries and bookstores the week before NCVRW. Pens and crime victims’ information cards utilizing the “Strength. Resilience. Justice.” theme will be distributed beginning in March to raise awareness of NCVRW. Billboards promoting NCVRW will be put up in the Dubuque area.



Domestic Violence Association of Central Kansas, Salina: The Domestic Violence Association of Central Kansas plans to host a three hour community festival during NCVRW to promote awareness of victims’ rights and services. They hope to have 200-300 participants. The event will be advertised on posters and via free ads in the local paper, TV station and radio. A NCVRW proclamation will be presented to the County Commission early in the week when details of the festival will be announced. Representatives of law enforcement, the fire department, and victim service agencies will be on hand to speak and to distribute information. Members of the audience will be invited to share their experiences as victims/survivors. A NCVRW banner will be on display on stage. Giveaways will include frisbees, wristbands and lanyards with the NCVRW logo. One table will feature “I stand with victims of crime because _____.” sheets. Participants will be able to fill them out, take a photo with them and post them to social media using “#NCVRW”. Children’s activities, designed to promote the theme of “Strength. Resilience. and Justice.” will include chalking; poster and coloring contests; and planting flower seeds to take home. Contest winners will receive a NCVRW t-shirt. The police department will offer free finger printing. The Association hopes to locate a Captain America costume to embody the NCVRW theme and colors.

Kansas DUI Impact Center, Wichita: The Kansas DUI Impact Center plans to host a Victims’ Services Fair at their headquarters in downtown Wichitaduring NCVRW. Victim service agencies statewide will be invited to help coordinate the event and to have booths. First responders will be invited to educate the public about crisis response services. Criminal justice personnel will be available to share information about the judicial system and the victim compensation fund. Victims/survivors will speak about their personal experiences. The Chief of Police, the Sheriff and the Mayor will be invited to speak. Promotional items (t-shirts, pencils, resource directories) and marketing materials will utilize the NCVRW theme and colors. The Fair will be advertised via flyers, posters, newspaper ads, emails, billboards and radio and tv interviews.



Silence is Violence, New Orleans: Silence is Violence is planning an event to honor victims and their families during NCVRW. The event, which will include local musicians, will be held at a local park with 500-1,000 attendees expected. Guest speakers will include victims, advocates, law enforcement and public officials. Booths will be set up for all partner organizations. Balloons with the names of victims served by SIV in 2016 will be released. The balloons will have information about NCVRW on them. The event will be advertised through local print media, radio, and social media. It will also be promoted through neighborhood associations, churches, schools and social service organizations. Flyers and posters will be put up around neighborhoods and in restaurants and stores. SIV is also planning to print 400-500 copies of a Victims’ Rights Manual to disseminate to law enforcement, hospitals, and faith-based and social service organizations during NCVRW. The Manual, which will include the NCVRW logo, will include information on resources.

Southern United Neighborhoods, New Orleans: Southern United Neighborhoods, which works with low to moderate income mostly African American families, is planning a month-long NCVRW visual and literary art exhibit entitled “Healing Together New Orleans: Strength, Resilience, and Justice.” The event, to be held at a Coffeehouse, will begin in early April. The opening will include speakers from collaborating organizations (law enforcement and victim assistance programs) and a candlelight vigil. Five hundred individuals are expected to attend. 42,000 flyers will be distributed in March to advertise the event. They will include a list of victims’ rights and resources. Public service announcements will run for over two weeks on community radio and social media to advertise the event. The PSAs will bring attention to NCVRW and the exhibit which will focus on victimization and the healing and recovery process. Victims and their family members will be encouraged to contribute photos for a memory book that will be bound and printed or to submit art pieces. The book will include a list of resources for victims/survivors. Information will also be posted online. The target audience for this event is residents in and around City neighborhoods with a higher than average crime rate.



Community Advocates for Family & Youth, Capitol Heights: Community Advocates for Family & Youth operates as the victims’ services unit for the Prince George’s County Police Department. Community Advocates is planning a four week awareness campaign that will begin one week before NCVRW with bus and rail ads targeting areas of the County that have been underserved in terms of victim services. They will also collaborate with a community group to hold a recognition event where four individuals will receive “Neighbor for Neighbors” awards for their service to victims and for their resilience overcoming victimization. In addition to the public transportation ads, NCVRW will be promoted via their website, press releases, social media, email, distribution of print materials and giveaways (bags, pens, brochures, information cards) at the recognition event. Community Advocates expects to reach over one million riders over the four weeks of their ad campaign. The ads will include the NCVRW theme, logo and colors along with information about Community Advocates and their partners. They will also include a “call to action” encouraging bystanders to become informed “activists.”



Independence House, Inc., Hyannis: Independence House, which provides comprehensive services for survivors of domestic and sexual violence on Cape Cod, is planning to hold three press conferences during NCVRW. The events will be held on different days in different locales. They will work with the District Attorney’s Office, the Council on Aging, law enforcement and the Council of Churches to plan and advertise these events. They also plan to host information tables during the week where they will distribute NCVRW brochures and various giveaway items such as pens, post-it notes, and tote bags. All advertising and promotional items will include the NCVRW colors and theme. Advertising will be done via yard signs, 2’ x 4’ banners, flyers, websites, social media, radio, public TV, and a newspaper ad. Postcard invitations will be mailed out. Victims/survivors will be invited to speak at the press conferences and on the radio.

Suffolk County District Attorney's Office, Boston: The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office will work with law enforcement and the Children’s Advocacy Center on a NCVRW awareness campaign. The campaign will include a “Supporting Survivors/NCVRW” public awareness event during the week that will include resource materials for victims and NCVRW t-shirts and wristbands as giveaways. There will also be digital billboards and mass transit posters and postcards promoting the Week. They plan to incorporate their on-going art exhibit entitled “Now You See: A Celebration of Courageous Kids” in to their NCVRW awareness campaign. The exhibit features photographs of the eyes of over one hundred survivors of all types of abuse, along with their words. Images from “Now You See” will be used to promote the NCVRW theme of “Strength. Resilience. Justice.”



YWCA Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo: The YWCA Kalamazoo, in collaboration with the County Prosecutor’s Office, plans to place digital billboards around the City during NCVRW. The billboards will utilize the NCVRW theme and colors and will include quotes from victims along with the logos of the YWCA and the Prosecutor’s Office. The final billboard design will be selected by a focus group made up of crime victims.



Comunidades Latinas Unidas En Servicio, St. Paul: Comunidades Latinas Unidas En Servicio (CLUES) is planning a comprehensive awareness campaign (Un Major Manana Campaign) targeting Latino families in Minneapolis during NCVRW. The effort will include developing and distributing NCVRW themed promotional materials (lip balm, whistles, drug detector coasters, flyers, postcards and posters) in the weeks leading up to NCVRW. CLUES will also secure a table at a local Latino market place and staff it each day during NCVRW. They will use it to raise awareness of violence in the community and resources that are available and to promote a Community Awareness Walk they will host at the end of the week. Approximately 100 attendees are expected for the one mile Walk. Three educational workshops will be presented before the Walk with speakers invited from the Crime Victims Reparation Board, Legal Aid and law enforcement. CLUES will partner with various hospitals, clinics, and churches for this Campaign.

Someplace Safe, Fergus Falls: Someplace Safe is planning a variety of local awareness events in nine West Central Minnesota counties during the month of April. They will distribute 250 NCVRW posters and victims’ rights handouts to be used at these events. They will also distribute 1,000 buttons, pens and notepads utilizing the NCVRW theme and colors to volunteers, survivors, businesses, collaborative organizations and college campuses. Community members will be encouraged to wear the buttons during NCVRW. NCVRW water bottles will be distributed at two events in April. Someplace Safe will issue 30 awards to individuals in recognition of their service to victims. Recipients will each receive a framed certificate and letter of appreciation. Photo opportunities will be arranged for the award ceremonies for use later on social media. Someplace Safe is planning to publish sixteen 3” x 5” ads in local newspapers to promote NCVRW. They will prioritize ad placement to target areas with underserved populations.



Boone County Prosecuting Attorney, Columbia: The Boone County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office is planning a 5K run/walk and recognition ceremony during NCVRW. The Office is expecting over 300 participants and 200 volunteers to attend. The event will be advertised via social media and media notifications (print-ready material for local outlets). NCVRW themed t-shirts will be given to run/walk participants. There will be signs along the route with NCVRW statistics/quotes. Two survivors will address the audience during the brief ceremony at the end of the race. Local law enforcement, victim service agencies, the hospital, and the County Probation & Parole and Juvenile Offices will assist with planning, promotion and security. Victim service agencies will staff resource tables.

Susanna Wesley Family Learning Center, East Prairie: The Susanna Wesley Family Learning Center will host a candlelight vigil during NCVRW. The vigil will be advertised via social media, newspaper ads and two billboards located along the Interstate. Several victims/survivors will speak at the event. The Center will print and distribute victim resource brochures and posters along with flyers announcing NCVRW and the vigil. All printed materials, advertising and giveaways (t-shirts, bracelets) will utilize the NCVRW theme and colors. Local law enforcement, the District Court, and Probation & Parole will assist with planning the vigil and distribution of flyers.



Lincoln Police Department Victim Witness Unit, Lincoln: The Lincoln Police Department (LPD) Victim Witness Unit is planning a variety of activities for NCVRW including a general awareness campaign using digital billboards; a social media campaign in collaboration with local partners; a public access channel production that will be placed on YouTube; and a campaign to reach local faith communities through a partnership with fire/police chaplains. The billboards, which will run from April 2-29, will include the NCVRW poster along with the LPD Victim Witness Unit contact information. They anticipate 608,000 views for the month. They will collaborate with the Sheriff’s Office and the City Citizen Information Center on the social media campaign. The Department will also collaborate with the local public access TV station to develop two 15-minute and one 30-minute TV programs that will run twice a week throughout the month of April to promote awareness of crime victim issues. The programs will also be made available on YouTube. Eighteen chaplains from the LPD and the Lincoln Fire Department will make presentations to their faith communities about victims’ rights and services. The Victim Witness Unit will provide NCVRW pens and information cards to be distributed at these presentations.



Winnemucca Domestic Violence Services, Winnemucca: Winnemucca Domestic Violence Services (WDVS) is planning a month long NCVRW awareness campaign and a Victim’s of Crime Resource & Recovery Expo. The “Strength. Resilience. Justice.” campaign will begin the week before NCVRW. In addition to social media and WDVS website updates, it will include a billboard in the City, public service announcements on two radio stations, community presentations, four ads in the newspaper, and distribution of brochures, posters and banners. All materials will include NCVRW info and colors. WDVS will host a Victim’s of Crime Resource & Recovery Expo during NCVRW with anticipated attendance of 200-250. Local and statewide organizations and offices will be invited to set up information booths and/or speak. Victims/survivors will be invited to speak as well. Businesses that offer self-care services such as nutrition for healing, massage, therapy dogs, etc. will be invited to attend. Local law enforcement will offer self-defense demos and a yoga instructor will volunteer her time to lead several short classes. WDVS will staff a booth with NCVRW brochures and flyers and information on domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault, elder abuse and teen dating. Giveaways that include the NCVRW logo, theme and colors will be distributed including totes, travel coffee mugs, water bottles, pens, mini lip balms, and lunch sets. Other handouts will include stop child abuse coloring pages, crayons, toys, journals and awareness ribbon pins. A NCVRW banner will be displayed and later taken to the entrance to the Courthouse to be displayed for the duration of the month.


New Jersey

Newark Antiviolence Coalition, Newark: The Newark Antivolence Coalition is planning daily events during NCVRW. The kickoff event on Sunday is a community forum for families that have been victimized by community violence, stalking, domestic violence, bullying and police violence. T-shirts, wristbands, whistles, baseball caps and handbags with resource materials will be distributed. On Monday they will join forces with the City on a “Caravan of Love” where a councilman will participate in a caravan to one of the western wards to provide education and awareness of NCVRW. This effort will be replicated in different parts of the City on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday a flashlight vigil will be held on the steps of City Hall. It will be a youth centered activity that will involve a healing ceremony with spoken word. There will be a Surrender Saturday community walk for survivors with testimonials and memorial plants given to each family. Information will be provided about the crime survivors’ law center. The NCVRW colors and theme will be included on all giveaways and printed materials. Ten local organizations that serve victims of domestic violence, community violence, and police brutality will co-sponsor this project including the NAACP, the Mayor’s Office, Rutgers University, and the Greater Newark Conservancy.

Wynona's House Child Advocacy Center, Newark: Wynona’s House plans a NCVRW promotional campaign and a painting event for 25 crime victims. They plan to promote NCVRW using social media (#strengthresiliencejusticeNCVRW2017), their website, press releases, and emails to their mailing list of over 5000 individuals. The art therapy “painting party” will be led by an art therapist and a mental health provider. Some or all of the art produced will be displayed at public location(s) around the City for two weeks, then returned to the artists. Personalized messages from the artists reflecting the theme of “Strength. Resilience. Justice.” will be placed alongside the artwork. A NCVRW direct mailer will be sent out to 10,000 residents to kick off the week and posters will be displayed. Radio spots will be secured on two local stations.


New Mexico

Los Alamos Police Department, Los Alamos: The Los Alamos Police Department is planning an in-kind collaborative mass media advertising campaign during NCVRW and the distribution of over 600 t-shirts. Photographs will be taken of selected individuals in the t-shirts which will then be used to accompany articles about victims’ rights and victim/survivor’s stories. The remaining t-shirts will be given away at two local NCVRW events, including at a Department promotional booth at a local grocery store the Friday of NCVRW where the Victim Advocate will pass out the shirts and resource materials. The t-shirts will have the “Strength. Resilience. Justice.” NCVRW theme on the front and will include information about the Department, the NM Crime Victims’ Reparation Commission and the U.S. Department of Justice, Office for Victims of Crime on the back. The Department will also promote NCVRW through a variety of other initiatives including hanging NCVRW themed posters at the Municipal Building, the Police Department and at local businesses; website promotion; articles (with t-shirt photos) by both survivors and service providers published in two local newspaper/online venues; and a 30 minute radio interview with officers, victims, public officials and service providers on a local radio station.

Twelfth Judicial District Attorney's Office, Alamogordo: The Twelfth Judicial District Attorney’s Office is planning two awareness events to be held during NCVRW. The events will have the same format and be held in two different parks. Local radio stations will do a live broadcast. Victims and victim advocates will speak. There will be information tables and a variety of NCVRW themed promotional items to be given away including t-shirts, pens, post-it notes and grab bags. The events will be advertised via handouts, social media, posters, press releases, public service announcements and letters to local businesses and organizations - all utilizing the NCVRW theme and colors. Radio interviews with the District Attorney or other staff will be scheduled the week before NCVRW.


New York

Center for Safety & Change, New City: The Center for Safety & Change is planning a NCVRW event at a local community center. The program will include a presentation by the District Attorney, a presentation on human trafficking, a presentation on local services by an advocate from the Center, and a candlelight vigil. Victims/survivors will have an opportunity to share their experi-ences at the vigil. In addition to the community event, the Center is planning to raise awareness of NCVRW by placing a street banner across one of the main city streets and advertising in three newspapers (one a Spanish language paper). A brochure will also be distributed with information about NCVRW, the Center, and other resources for crime victims. The ads, brochure and banner will include the NCVRW theme and colors.

Korean American Family Service Center, Inc., Flushing: The Korean American Family Service Center is planning a bilingual public service announcement and “Strength. Resilience. Justice.” media campaign for NCVRW. The campaign, which will potentially reach over 100,000 individuals a day will include a 20-25 second PSA that will play on the two most popular Korean- language radio stations, a community-wide press conference, and the use of social media. The PSA will run a total of 70 times during NCVRW. The radio stations’ talk shows will also interview survivors and counselors. A press conference will be organized where press kits will be distributed. The kit will include a list of resources, the Center’s 24/7 hotline number, and contact information for key governmental and community service agencies. Elected officials, radio hosts, and law enforcement will be invited to collaborate on this event. A 2.5’ x 8’ banner, featuring the NCVRW theme and colors along with the hotline number, will be used for the press conference.

Opportunities for Otsego, Oneonta: Opportunities for Otsego, through its Violence Prevention Program (VIP is planning a mass media campaign and a series of public events to take place during NCVRW. A Candlelight Vigil will be held downtown with an anticipated crowd of over 100 people. Prosecutors and law enforcement will participate. There will be information tables, music, and stories from crime victims. A Silent Witness Project moving exhibit will be created. Schools, healthcare facilities, organizations and businesses will participate in hosting the exhibit. Survivors will help with planning and implementation. An Empty Place at the Table exhibit will be created to honor victims of domestic violence. A local college will be asked to donate museum space for this project. VIP will advertise these NCVRW events on eleven radio stations, in two newspapers, and via social media, website promotion, e- newsletters, and free local TV and email promotions. All events and promotions will utilize the NCVRW theme and messaging.

Trinity Alliance of the Capital Region, Albany: Urban Grief, which provides services in the aftermath of community violence is planning six events during NCVRW. The first event is entitled Peaceful Hands: Healed Hearts. It is a creative paint/play session for neighborhood youth in several high crime areas. Selected artwork will be displayed at a local arts center along with a banner utilizing the NCVRW theme and colors. The following day an Open House will be held at which t-shirts and NCVRW themed brochures will be given out. Two neighborhood candlelight vigils will then be held. Speakers will include survivors, elected officials and faith leaders. NCVRW banners will be displayed and resource brochures and NCVRW themed buttons will be distributed. A Crime Victim’s Community Canvas Day will then take place where local university students will undertake a distribution of two sided NCVRW themed door hangers in neighborhoods disproportionately impacted by crime. A Walk for Justice will be held on the Friday of NCVRW. The waterfront walk will include speakers from local law enforcement units and the prosecutor’s office. The first 100 participants will receive NCVRW t-shirts. All participants will be given buttons. A Victim Information Forum will end the week. The two hour forum will provide participants with information on the impact of crime, and local resources and services. Printed materials utilizing the NCVRW theme and colors will be distributed. A victim advisory group will be convened to implement these activities.

Ulster County Probation - Crime Victims' Assistance Program, Kingston: The Crime Victims’ Assistance Program (CVAP) is planning a series of NCVRW events and a mass media advertising campaign. The first event of the week will be an Opening Ceremony with a proclamation and presentation by the County Executive, a special song entitled “Speak Now,” and a moment of silence. A video of the event will be posted on the CVAP Facebook page. There will be an Information Fair targeting seniors, retirees, low-income, parents the following day from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm. A Trauma Informed Yoga Class will take place mid-week for those who want to know more about the effects of body work on PTSD, victims, and the LGBTQ community. A Movie Screening of “The Children Next Door” will take place on Thursday. A “Walk a Mile in their Shoes Event” is scheduled for Friday that will include an Art Project For Youth. NCVRW will be promoted on the County website, on social media, in ads in the local newspapers and on Facebook and on 4’ x 8’ banners that will be placed on the CVAP building and on the front of the County Office building during NCVRW. Posters (11” x 17”) will be distributed during the week. NCVRW themed pens and glow in the dark wristbands will be distributed. Staff and volunteers at the events will wear NCVRW t-shirts.


North Carolina

Destined To Win Ministries, Winterville: Destined to Win Ministries serves victims of all types of crime in a four county area in North Carolina. They are planning a number of events and activities throughout NCVRW. They plan to utilize the NCVRW “Strength. Resilience. Justice.” theme to heighten public awareness and promote community involvement. NCVRW event calendars, flyers, poster, banners and other printed materials will be distributed beginning in late March. Social media, radio, and a newspaper ad will promote awareness of NCVRW. On the Sunday of NCVRW, Dr. Willie A. Baker, Jr., will speak at an event alongside victims and their families who will be sharing their stories. They are anticipating an audience of 125-200. On Thursday, a representative from The Real Crisis Center, which provides information to victims of crime, will address victims and the general public on the steps in the legal process that are vital to victims/survivors. Expected attendance is 150-200. On Friday, a Candlelight Vigil will be held, along with recognition of victims/survivors for their participation in the planning of NCVRW activities and events. Approximately 150-200 people will attend. On Saturday a Resource Fair will be held that is expected to reach more than 500. Printed materials will be available detailing services and resources for victims. Information will be availa-ble on cybercrime and identity theft.


North Dakota

North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Bismarck: The North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Victims Services Program is planning a NCVRW mass media campaign targeting the middle to eastern part of the State. The campaign will include four NCVRW billboards, online and print newspaper ads, Facebook posts and ads promoting NCVRW, daily email blasts to State and County departments using graphics and information from the NCVRW Resource Guide, press releases, and a declaration recognizing NCVRW by the Attorney General. Flyers and posters will be distributed throughout the State by local and County Victim Services employees and victims/survivors who wish to volunteer. Customized stickers promoting the NCVRW theme will be worn by State public safety employees and distributed to City, County and State agencies.



Sharing H.O.P.E. Cener, Cincinnati: The Sharing H.O.P.E. is proposing to hold three events on the Saturday of NCVRW - a Survivor Walk; a Memorial Wall in partnership with Parents of Murdered Children and M.A.D.D., and an Open House. T-shirts, flashlights, and resource manuals will be given away. Volunteer support will be provided by law enforcement, Legal Aid, Legal Shield, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and other victim service providers. NCVRW themed posters will advertise the event. It will also be advertised on social media and on radio and TV. The NCVRW theme will be incorporated into the permanent memorial wall as a design element.



Guthrie Police Department, Guthrie: The Guthrie Police Department will host a Family Fun Festival on the Saturday of NCVRW. Local victim service agencies, community and civic groups, churches, and schools will be invited to set up booths with resource materials and games. Many of the booths will be tailored around the NCVRW theme. NCVRW tote bags will be distributed that will include victims’ rights information, a victim resource list and various NCVRW giveaways (stress balls, drunk driving and sexual violence sliders, pens, bracelets, jun-ior police badges, blue pinwheels, notebooks, phone stands, and car chargers). Festival posters will be used to advertise the event, along with a banner. The local TV station will advertise the event and air the Mayor’s reading of the proclamation free of charge. A local online media outlet will also provide free advertising via social media and its homepage. A story will be written and published in the local newspaper.

Kaw Nation, Kaw City: The Kaw Nation Comprehensive Tribal Victim Assistance Program will hold a “Dancing to Heal a Community” event on the Friday of NCVRW. The event will be styled after TV’s “Dancing with the Stars.” There will be cultural speakers, a dancing contest, cultural dance, song and a donated Selfie Booth with props. The winners will receive trophies with the NCVRW theme and logo. Throughout the evening, Native American speakers will talk about “How to Heal a Community Through Strength. Resilience. Justice.” The program will begin with a Survivor Success Story. The program will end with Native Drumming, a Moment of Silence and a Closing Prayer. Attendees will receive cultural t-shirts with the NCVRW theme and colors. Decorations will correspond with the NCVRW theme. Awards will be given to local service providers. Pendleton items will used for a giveaway drawing and in lieu of providing travel and speaker’s fees. Project partners include numerous Kaw Nation agencies, along with the Ponca City Domestic Violence Center, local SAFESTARS and the Six Nations Coalition. The event will bring together many other tribal, state, county, and municipal representatives who are invested in the issues of justice and service for victims. It will be promoted via mailed and emailed personal invitations to other tribes, law enforcement, and service providers and advertised on the radio and in the news.

Wyandotte Nation, Wyandotte: The Wyandotte Nation is planning a Superhero 5K event during NCVRW. They expect 350-400 participants. T-shirts with “Strength. Resilience. Justice.” will be distributed along with resource materials on crime victim services and NCVRW magnets, bracelets and chip clips. The local State Representative, the District Attorney and the Mayor will be invited to speak. A recording of an interview with a domestic violence survivor will play on the monitor at check in. The event will be advertised via social media and flyers.



Centre County District Attorneys Office, Bellefonte: The Centre County District Attorney’s Office is planning a NCVRW “Walk, Vigil and Tribute” to crime victims. Prior to the walk, staff will distribute NCVRW tote bags, lanyards, pens and wrist bands to churches and community centers. They will have “Strength. Resilience. Justice” on them, along with the web address to access the Crime Victims Bill of Rights. The Walk will begin with gift bags being handed out to each participant. The bags will include a white silhouette of a man, woman and child, along with a pen and a wrist band. Participants will be encouraged to write their story of strength, resilience, and justice and to write a note of encouragement to another victim. The Walk will begin at dusk and will end up in an Auditorium at Pennsylvania State University. After a few words from speakers, black lights will be turned on and the crowd will lift up their victims in tribute. Participants who included a word of encouragement for others on their silhouettes will be asked to leave them on the table so that they can be taken back to the Victim/Witness Office to share.

Delaware County Office of the District Attorney, Media: The Delaware County Office of the District Attorney plans to collaborate with other agencies and Departments serving victims on a variety of NCVRW initiatives including placement of ads in bus shelters around the County from March 25 - April 25; an awards ceremony at a County Council meeting; and a NCVRW banner and resource table with materials and giveaways (stress balls, resource directory magnets, tote bags, pens) set up in the Government Center lobby during the work week. NCVRW posters will be distributed to every municipality, all 28 County libraries, 39 police departments and 8 senior centers ahead of time. All marketing and promotional items developed will use the “Strength. Resilience. Justice.” theme.

North Central Victim Services, Philadelphia: North Central Victim Services (NCVS) is planning a variety of activities to promote NCVRW. From March 13 - April 1, they will host an awareness campaign on social media and their website. University social work students will assist clients who wish to share and upload their stories. NCVS will host a Women’s Empowerment Conference the week before NCVRW where they plan to promote the NCVRW theme and awareness of victims’ rights and issues. On the Thursday of NCVRW, they will host the 2nd Annual Kickball Challenge as part of a community building activity to raise awareness of NCVRW. Students, community residents, and law enforcement officers will compete on mixed teams for a large trophy with the NCVRW logo on it. Team shirts will be in blue or red and will include the NCVRW logo. Approximately 100 people are expected to attend. A NCVRW Poster Contest for middle school aged children will also be held with the winners announced at the Kickball Challenge. NCVS will also host a play during NCVRW in partnership with the Village of the Arts and Humanities. Local youth will write, create and perform a play that represents the theme of “Strength. Resilience. Justice.” The play will be performed on Friday and Saturday nights. Resources will be available for victims. Youth participating in NCVRW events will receive banners, stress balls, and bracelets.


Puerto Rico

San Juan Bautista School of Medicine - Puerto Rico Health Justice Center, Caguas: The San Juan Bautista School of Medicine Puerto Rico Health Justice Center provides forensic medical examinations, follow up health needs, psychosocial evaluations, foren-sic interviews, psychological services, and inter-agency and community advocacy for child and adult victims of sexual and domestic violence. The Center is planning a one day “Strength. Resilience. Justice.” Symposium for the public in April. There will be an opening plenary session with the theme “The right to a life free of trauma” followed by three survivors who will share their stories while highlighting the NCVRW theme. A pan-el of professionals including a judge, prosecutor, social worker and psychologist will dis-cuss fighting for victims’ rights. The afternoon will include three concurrent workshops - “Access to justice,” “Services for victims with special needs,” and “Citizens moving communities toward social responsibility.” The closing plenary will focus on the Mindful-ness Model as a tool for survivors, professionals, and the general public. Display tables will be set up for victim services programs to use to share information and resource materials. Three easels will hold D-words, one for each of the three NCVRW theme words. Participants can write messages of support for victims on the boards. Participants will receive Victim Services Directories, totes, and water bottles with the NCVRW theme words. A modified version of the initials NCVRW will be used to avoid any association with a local mayoral political party


Rhode Island

Family Service of Rhode Island, Providence: Family Service of Rhode Island, in collaboration with the other members of the Rhode Island Crime Victim Service Provider Steering Committee, is planning a NCVRW ceremony that will take place at Victim’s Grove Park in downtown Providence. The Governor, Police Chief, US Attorney and other dignitaries will be on hand. Following the presentation of the colors by an Honor Guard, there will be a short speaking program focused on the theme of “Strength. Resilience. Justice.” and a moment of silence and wreath laying. The event is expected to be broadly attended by the general public and local media. Programs will be printed, honorees will receive certificates of appreciation and engraved recognition plaques, and memorial packets of “Forget Me Not” seeds with the NCVRW message will be distributed. A large banner will be hung at a busy thoroughfare near the Park and an engraved granite bench will be added to the park to honor victims and their families. The NCVRW theme, colors and logo will be incorporated throughout the event.


South Carolina

Clemson City Police Department, Clemson: The Clemson City Police Department will host multiple events during and around NCVRW. These public events include a family-friendly kickoff event in a park aimed at showcasing services available to victims of all types of crime and crime prevention; a booth at a local community event with information about victims’ rights and services; a week- long display at the local library highlighting local service providers and victims’ rights; a free women’s self- defense class; NCVRW ribbons tied to police and city vehicles; a presentation on identify theft and scam awareness at a local retirement community; and a Police Department effort to distribute identity theft prevention and recovery information in conjunction with a citywide Shred Day. The CAP grant will be used for advertising in local newspapers and materials to promote these events including a custom NCVRW banner, yard sign, table and tabletop display, flyers, victim rights cards and resource directories, identify theft brochures, NCVRW ribbon, and giveaways promoting NCVRW such as pens, notepads, reusable bags, plastic cups, safety books, and personal safety alarms/lights.

South Carolina Department of Probaton, Parole and Pardon Services, Columbia: The South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services Office of Vic-tim Services is planning a statewide Community Awareness Campaign that will target underserved populations through advertising. The Campaign will include six billboards along busy Interstates and 620 Victims Bill of Rights posters (200 in Spanish) that will be placed in rural communities at libraries, gas stations, law enforcement offices, con-venience stores, post offices, high schools, fast food venues and churches. The digital billboards and posters will feature the NCVRW theme and colors. The Department will also promote NCVRW on its website and in notification letters to victims during the months of February, March and April.


South Dakota

Mitchell Area Safehouse, Mitchell: The Mitchell Area Safehouse, in collaboration with the Davison County Child Protection Team, is planning a weeklong crime victims’ rights week campaign and an expo and resource fair. The campaign will feature a mayoral proclamation and will be advertised via flyers, posters, emails, mailings, newspaper, radio, a billboard and Facebook. Informational binders will be distributed to service agencies. The expo and resource fair will be a three hour event with a main speaker, breakout sessions and information tables for local agencies that work with victims. It will be held at the local community college. There will be four breakout rooms - one each for kids, teens, community, and victims/survivors. Giveaways will include NCVRW stickers, welcome bags, coloring books, notebook & pen sets, flashlights, and resource materials. The NCVRW logo will be used throughout the public awareness campaign and on the welcome bags. There will be a booth with NCVRW materials and resources.



The H.O.P.E. Center, Inc., Athens: The H.O.P.E., in collaboration with the District Attorney’s Office and law enforcement, is planning NCVRW awareness events at two different locations. An estimated 75 individuals will participate in each event. Each event will include a daytime display of The Clothesline Project and an evening candlelight vigil. If they wish, victims/survivors will be able to come together at the Center to make shirts to donate to the Project. A speaker each evening will address the meaning behind NCVRW. Survivors and victim advocates will receive recognition awards. Information and resources will be provided. The first event will be held at a community greenway, the second at the Justice Center. NCVRW themed bracelets, grocery totes and sports bottles will be given away. The week’s activities will be promoted via billboards, lawn signs, banners, and the local media. Brochures, flyers, and posters will be distributed as well - all utilizing the NCVRW logo, colors and theme.



Friendship of Women, Inc., Brownsville: Friendship of Women is planning to collaborate with the Positive Community Impact Coalition and the Main Street Brownsville Program to host a “Take Back the Night Block Party” during NCVRW. The three hour evening event is expected to draw 200-300 attendees. Community agencies will be invited to decorate local businesses utilizing the “Strength. Resilience. Justice.” theme. There will be a live band, a Survivor Story Video, a poetry station and a dance performance that will further touch on the NCVRW message of strength and resilience. Survivors will be able to share their stories through art work displayed at the event. NCVRW awareness posters and victims’ rights cards and brochures will be available. Giveaways that will promote the NCVRW theme will include t-shirts, sunglasses, can coolers, backpacks, silicon card sleeves, pens, flash drives, whistles, color changing cups and notebooks. Mass media advertising will be used to promote both NCVRW and the event. Newspaper ads, television interviews, banners, posters and social media will be used. A public service announcement will air during the week.

Shelter Agencies for Families in East Texas, Inc., Mt. Pleasant: Shelter Agencies for Families in East Texas is planning a variety of events over the course of NCVRW, followed by participation at three additional events two weeks later. The kickoff event is the First Walk for Hope (for two counties) which will end with a Candlelight Vigil at the Courthouse. There will be a guest speaker focusing on NCVRW, along with a crime victim who will speak. Law enforcement, community leaders, CASA, government agencies, and victim advocates will be on hand. A second Candlelight Vigil will be held two days later for two other counties. SAFE-T will provide Silent Witnesses for this event which is expected to draw 75-100 people. On Saturday, a Super Hero 5K Fun Run will be held with over 200 people expected to participate. Attendees will re-ceive a NCVRW t-shirt. There will also be activities for kids. NCVRW giveaways will include tote bags and resource materials. Local service organizations and law enforcement will set up information booths. Two weeks later, Kids’ Safe Saturday events will be held simultaneously in three counties. Each county will have a booth promoting NCVRW with a banner and printed materials. Anticipated attendance at these three events is expected to be around 1,500. Promotional items (pens, pencils) utilizing the NCVRW logo, colors, and theme will be given away. The theme of “Strength. Resilience. Justice.” will be included on the banner, t-shirts, and in the advertising.

Trauma Support Services, Duncanville: Trauma Support Services of North Texas, in cooperation with the Crime Victims Council of Dallas County, will develop a billboard and print media campaign for the month of April. A 14’ x 48’ billboard utilizing the “Strength. Resilience. Justice.” theme will be placed in the City of Dallas. It is anticipated that 66,750 adults will view the billboard multiple times each over the month. A similar ad will also be placed in the Dallas Morning News during NCVRW. The Crime Victims Council is also planning a NCVRW Kick-Off Event that will include a speaker/panel, resource tables, and a proclamation presented by the County Commissioner’s Office. The proclamation will reference the theme of “Strength. Resilience. Justice.” A Project Planning Committee, consisting of victims and victim advocates, will plan the NCVRW campaign. The Committee has reviewed input from over 100 surveys seeking feedback on the 2016 NCVRW event.

Webb County Sheriff's Office, Laredo: The Webb County Sheriff’s Office Crime Victims, in collaboration with local and State governmental units, the District Attorney’s Office, local hospitals and the Domestic Violence Center, the Sheriff’s Office is planning five events during NCVRW. The events will be advertised in the paper with 3” x 5” color ads run on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday of NCVRW. The ads will utilize the NCVRW theme and colors and will include a schedule of the week’s activities. The five events will include 1) a memorial service/information booth at a church (200 people); 2) a Proclamation ceremony at the County building with government officials, victims and survivors (150 people); 3) an information booth staffed by the Crime Victims Unit at a local hospital (55 people); 4) an information booth staffed by the Crime Victims Unit at another hospital (60 people); and 5) a candlelight vigil at a State Park with a butterfly release (160 people). NCVRW promotional items (key chains, t-shirts, tote bags, USB flash drives, sports bottles, pens, lanyards and notepads) will be given away at each event. Victims/survivors will be involved with the planning and implementation of the events.



Utah Office for Victims of Crime, Salt Lake City: The Utah Office for Victims of Crime (UOVC is planning to promote NCVRW through a variety of activities and events. They are planning to hold a Crime Victims Night at the minor league baseball game on Monday with the Mayor reading a proclamation and a victim throwing the first pitch. On Tuesday they plan a program on dating violence, sexual assault and bullying at a high school in Southern Utah in an area where members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints practice polygamy. On Wednesday they will partner with the Salt Lake City Library to host a film screening that focuses on crime victims and the theme of “Strength. Resilience. Justice.” A panel discussion will follow that will include both victim service professionals and survivors of violent crime. On Thursday there will be Statewide Honk/Wave and March for NCVRW events. Communities will choose to hold either a March or a Honk/Wave event. Signs and information will be provided. On Friday there will be a Food Truck Event. A local radio station will gather food trucks together in a public area to spread the message about NCVRW. UOVC will have a booth at the event with NCVRW promotional giveaways such as Post-It Notes, pens, chapstick, water bottles and nail files. T-shirts with the NCVRW theme will be worn by staff at the events. UOVC will also hold a Youth Essay Contest and Coloring Contest utilizing the theme of “Strength. Resilience. Justice.” Winners will have the opportunity to have their work published in the newspaper. UOVC will undertake a mass media campaign to advertise NCVRW and these events. Advertising will be done via social media, their website, ads on Salt Lake City’s metro train system, and via posters, flyers, calendar cards, PSAs and radio/TV/newspaper interviews. A quilt made by crime victims will be on display in the City/County Building. UOVC will partner with a number of law enforcement and prosecutor’s offices and victim service organizations to hold these events. Victims/survivors will be included in both the planning and implementation of these ac- tivities.



Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services, Waterbury: The Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services, in collaboration with The Vermont Victim Assistance Program, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the Attorney General’s Office, the Victims Compensation Program, the Network against Domestic and Sexual Violence and the Department of Corrections Victims Services Program, will host a one day NCVRW event. The event will honor victims, survivors, advocates and service providers. Community awareness will be raised during the week via a set of radio public service announcements about victims’ rights and services. The one day event will include a morning workshop on Individual and Organizational Resiliency. A nationally recognized speaker will be brought in to present strategies to increase resiliency. The afternoon session will include an Awards Ceremony to recognize victim activists. The Ceremony will be free and open to the public. The NCVRW theme and colors will be used on the Center’s website, on the invitation and program, and on all event outreach materials.



Williamsburg/James City County Victim/Witness Assistance Program, Williamsburg: The Willliamsburg/James City County Victim/Witness Assistance Program is planning a three part event that will take place on the Friday of NCVRW. It will include a walk that will begin on the campus of The College of William and Mary. T-shirts with “Strength. Resilience. Justice.” will be given out to the first 100 walkers. A large banner with the NCVRW theme, logo and colors will be displayed. At the end of the walk, two well-known speakers will address the audience about what it means to be a victim of crime. Information tables will be set up around the venue. After the speaker event, a NCVRW celebration will include entertainment from local artists and students meant to draw in a larger crowd. To advertise the event, 500 postcards will be sent to victims in the area. Flyers will be hung throughout the community and ads will be placed in the paper and broadcast on the radio. Social media will be utilized and yard signs will be placed around town. They hope to have 200 attendees. All decorations and advertising will include the NCVRW theme and colors. A student advisory board at the College that includes survivors of sexual assault will help plan the project.



Lutheran Community Services Northwest, Sea Tac: Lutheran Community Services is planning a four-week billboard advertising campaign in two Counties. Ads will run from March 20-April 17. They plan to place one bulletin-size billboard (14’ x 48’) in one county and three poster-size billboards (8’ x 20’) in another county. They anticipate that the bulletin-size billboard alone will be viewed 216,000 times. The billboards will utilize the NCVRW theme and colors.


West Virginia

Family Refuge Center, Lewisburg: The Family Refuge Center is planning four projects for NCVRW. The kickoff event is a Beacon of Hope Award Ceremony to honor eight champions of victims’ rights. The Ceremony will include a panel of law enforcement, medical, victim service, and prosecutorial professionals. A survivor will speak. The second event will be a candlelight vigil, Light the Night. A direct mail campaign will notify the public about NCVRW and the event. A 5K Walk/Run will be held and will begin with a brief speech by a victim. Victim service agencies will be invited to set up information booths. The Center will also host an essay contest for students in one of the counties served. Students will be invited to submit a poem or essay using this year’s NCVRW theme. Winners will be invited to a community event to showcase their work. NCVRW events will be advertised using social media, websites, billboards, movie theater ads, and digital signs. Printed materials will also be circulated to publicize the events and to educate victims about their rights. The Center anticipates reaching over 5,000 people with printed materials and promotional giveaways which will be distributed at all events. The NCVRW theme, logo and colors will be incorporated in all printed materials, giveaways and ads. Collaborating organizations will include local law enforcement, the Health Department, the Prosecutor’s Office, local schools, the Osteopathic Medical College, the Greenbrier Committee on Aging and the Child and Youth Advocacy Center.

Monongalia County Victims' Assistance Program, Morgantown: The Monongalia County Victims’ Assistance Program, in collaboration with local law enforcement, the prosecutor’s office, high schools and a college, is planning several events during NCVRW. They are planning information tables at the college and high schools early in the week. Promotional items that reflect the NCVRW theme and colors (strength - a carabiner clip keychain, resilience - a first aid kit, justice - a stress ball gavel) will be distributed along with agency brochures. Games centered on victim rights and local/national programs will be used to increase awareness. A public panel discussion will be held mid-week to discuss the effects of various crimes not only on the victim but on the community as well. Victims/survivors, service providers, police and prosecutors will serve on the panel. T-shirts with the NCVRW logo in full color will be given to participants, along with promotional items. The final event will be a mock trial at a local theatre. Defense attorneys, prosecutors, judges, bailiffs and police officers will volunteer their time. The trial will be presented in an interactive manner with audience participation. Outside agencies will set up information tables. NCVRW posters will be used to promote the event, along with newspaper ads. Awareness ribbons and bookmarks will be distributed along with any remaining giveaways.



Crime Response Program, Dane County District Attorney's Office, Madison: The Crime Response Program in the Dane County District Attorney’s Office is planning an awareness campaign during NCVRW to increase referrals. The effort will include window clings for squad cards, hospitals, insurance companies, community centers and other community partners. The clings will pose the question, “Did you forget something? Victims Services and Support Available 24/7.” The NCVRW theme, colors, and logo will appear on the backing adhered to the clings. The Program plans to advertise itself and NCVRW to the broader public via billboards and/or bus wraps. The bus ads would ap-pear for a four week period, digital billboards would be up for one week. The NCVRW logo would be included in the ads.



Safehouse Services, Cheyenne: Safehouse is planning to focus its efforts on young people during NCVRW. They are planning to partner with the Community College Theatre Group to develop a few “What Would You Do” skits involving dating violence, bullying, stealing and more. The skits will be performed nine times during the week at local junior high and high schools, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, the Boys and Girls Club, the community college cafeteria, and at the nearby Air Force Base weight/gym room. Attendees at these events will receive invitations to an end of the week agency information fair at a Skating Rink where they will be able to skate and receive giveaways (pens stress balls, t-shirts) and gather information about victims’ rights and services. Victims will have an opportunity to speak at this event and to participate in the skits and planning sessions. Billboards, bus stop seats, posters, flyers, and handouts will be used to promote NCVRW and the event. “Strength. Resilience. Justice.” will be included on all materials and placed on the front of the t-shirts.