2016 Community Awareness Projects

"Serving Victims. Building Trust. Restoring Hope"

The projects and their planned activities are grouped by state. Use the alphabetical index to quickly find your state.

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Mobile County District Attorney's Office, Mobile: The DA’s office will advertise NCVRW in a direct mail Val Pak to county residents, which which will reach 30,000 residents. To target victims at local restaurants we will distribute NCVRW themed napkins and pizza box stickers will be distributed to local restaurants and posters will be displayed at churches and businesses. NCVRW easel boards will be placed in the Government Plaza Courthouse and the DA’s website will include the NCVRW web banner, an overview of NCVRW and scheduled events. A Victim's Vigil will be held in in downtown Mobile and a Community Resource Fair will be held bringing criminal justice professionals, victim advocacy groups, victim/survivors and corporate businesses together to discuss victim's rights, victim services and crime prevention. Booths will be on display for the public to obtain information.

Walker County District Attorney's Office, Jasper: An annual candlelight vigil will be held annually at the county courthouse in front of the Walker County Crime Victim's Memorial Fountain at which 300-500 individuals are expected to attend. Speakers include Siran Stacy, a drunk driving crash survivor, and representatives of local victim organizations with local children’s groups and other music groups performing live music. Letters and posters will be mailed to all victims of violent crime, elected official and public officials. The event will be promoted through television commercials and newspaper. A Jumbotron displaying PowerPoint honoring victims of violent crime will be set up on the day of the event on the courthouse square promoting the event. The PowerPoint will show photographs of the victims of violent crime in the community and recognize their family members. Promotional giveaways will include candles for the lighting service, bracelets and blue ribbons to be worn at the event.



Victims for Justice, Anchorage: Victims for Justice will hold an awards banquet to recognize victims, volunteers, and professionals that have made a difference in the fight for victims' rights. A downtown tree planting ceremony will be held to raise awareness for victims’ rights in Alaska by honoring all victims of violent crimes. A short invocation, a simple speech, and reading of the Municipal Proclamation will be held at a nearby church. Afterwards participants will walk to the tree a block away. Large ribbons (one color for each crime, including homicide, domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking, assault, crimes against those in uniform, child abuse, and robbery) are tied on the tree by prominent members of the community and victims. Other victims and the public can then tie on smaller ribbons and we encourage victims to share their stories with the media that is always present.



Against Abuse, Inc., Casa Grande: Kickoff events in three locations will conclude with a traditional candlelight vigil in Casa Grande. The events include a mayoral proclamations; literature and giveaway distribution; children's activities, including poster and coloring contests contest, etc.); Jerry Good Victims' Rights Awareness Community Event; and a community event and candlelight vigil. Each kickoff event will be publicized via media, social media and word of mouth, newsletters.

Pinal County Attorney's Office, Victim Services, Florence: The Pinal County Attorney's Office Victim Services Division will host a kick-off event outside the Maricopa City Hall with the public officials and Jose and Guadalupe Guzman, whose 17-year old son was shot and killed in 2005 as speakers. The Ak-Chin Indian Community will host a family movie night showing, “Heaven's Rain.” The NCVRW banner will be displayed at this event, and the NCVRW handout items, including laminated victims’ rights cards, cups pens, notepads and white popcorn bags, will be distributed. The event will also feature wooden victim silhouettes on display by the Victim Services Division to tell the story of many of the Pinal County Victims. The Pinal County Attorney's Office Victim Services Division will host training on victims’ compensation at which 30 to 50 people are expected. Law enforcement and victim service providers primarily attend these training sessions but they will be open to the public as well. The Victim Services Division will participate in the 9th Annual Crime Victims Community Awareness Event at which community partners will be invited to have display tables with their information. A 1/4-page ad will be placed in a quarterly magazine publication and a weekly newspaper advertising the NCVRW kick-off event and movie- night.



Crime Victims Assistance Association of Arkansas, Little Rock: Two events, including a victim rights/recognition forum and a candlelight vigil for victims and their families, will be coordinated. Promotional items and resource cards will be distributed and posters containing information about crime victims’ rights laws will be placed in public buildings.



Lassen Family Services, Inc., Susanville: The 3rd Annual Walk-A-Mile-in-Their-Shoes event will include opening ceremonies with an honor guard and public officials and victims speaking. Victims will carry a NCVRW banner around the park and end at information booths where victim services’ representatives will be available to answer questions. Participating children will enter an art contest by painting pictures using the NCVRW theme; survivors will share stories of survival and provide messages of hope; and a chalk “wall” will be available for community members to post messages in support of standing together against crime. The event will be publicized through free mass media, the agency’s website and social media. The county’s prisons will produce event posters and flyers and posters placed in public places.

Riverside County District Attorney's Office, Riverside: Candlelight vigils will be hosted in each of three regions. In addition, an annual Memorial Wall dedication will take place after the candlelight vigil. Each vigil program will include welcome remarks from the District Attorney and other elected officials, presentation of colors, proclamation presentations, a victim/survivor guest-speaker, and a tree planting ceremony. A community garden will be created in the memorial courtyard with each family having the opportunity to decorate a memorial leaf and contribute. Mass Media will be utilized to advertise each event.



A Community Organization for Victim Assistance, Pueblo: The victim assistance unit for the sheriff’s office and police department will host an awareness event for local youth and community members. Speakers will educate youth on how crime can affect them and what to expect after a crime, such as teen dating violence and bullying, is committed and how behaviors and crimes can traumatize their lives. Approximately 200 youth and community members are expected to attend. In addition to the event, social media will be used to bring awareness to the NCVRW and how to become involved in community efforts to assist victims. Supplemental and educational material will be provided by local, state, and national resources.

Eighth Judicial District Attorney's Office, Fort Collins: A 2-hour community wide NCVRW Walk will open with speakers who will underscore the NCVRW theme and recognize a victim service professional and an agency that has demonstrated consistent effort to meet victims’ needs. A victim/survivor will highlight their story of hope and restoration and invite participants to a balloon release after which the walk will begin. Participants will receive a NCVRW “walker’s bib”, balloons representing the victim/survivor they are supporting, a t-shirt and water bottle. Each participating agency will have a designated spot along the walk route to cheer on participants and at which tables will be set up with each agency’s resource information. Display flags will convey each agency’s statistics, such as the numbers of victims served and types of victims served.



Mothers United Against Violence, Hartford: A march, memorial and rally will be held in the state capital at which 400 people are expected to attend. The event will be advertised through an electronic billboard, fliers, handbills and posters. NCVRW themed bracelets, victims’ rights cards and resource directories will be distributed at the event which will include a presentation by the State Victim Advocate with emphasis on victims of homicide and assault with a gun. Crime victims will also speak at the event.


District of Columbia

Ayuda, Washington: Ayuda’s Emergency and Victim Services Interpreter Bank will produce, print and translate a brochure in seven languages informing community members of the services provided by 28 victim service providers in Washington, DC. The brochure will be distributed by partner agencies at outreach events during NCVRW, including information fairs at English as a Second Language (ESL) schools and community centers and at Metro stations in neighborhoods that have high concentrations of Limited and Non-English Proficient (LEP/NEP) individuals.

Network for Victim Recovery of DC, Washington: Network for Victim Recovery of DC will publicize and conduct a NCVRW 5k with the first 35 self-identified survivors and 65 supporters receiving race t-shirts that will be designed through a community wide art contest. The race route will be marked with posters at the end of which a festival will provide information on local crime victim services, a community created mural and a short program of survivor stories. In partnership with other victim service providers, NCVRD will hold a Twitter town hall examining the importance of access to service providers and at which survivors will be invited to discuss how engaging with holistic services impacted their experience in the justice system. A Metro Action Day is also planned at which staff and volunteers will hand out fliers, postcards and promotional materials to commuters.



City of Fort Myers Police Department, Fort Myers: Two NCVRW public events will be advertised through local media outlets and websites. An opening ceremony will include two public officials’ guest speakers, a special song dedicated to all victims of crime and their families, and a few words from a victim of crime. This will then be followed by a moment of silence in recognition of deceased victims of violent crime. Fifty White Peace Dove helium balloons will be released while bagpipes play which will be followed by participants painting White River Rocks to start a rock garden dedicated to crime victims and their families. Media blasts through local TV and radio stations will promote awareness of victims' rights and needs and advertise the closing awareness week Butterfly Release Ceremony.

The Springtime Club, Clearwater: The Springtime Club will host a community event sponsored specifically for victim survivors and open to the general public at a local recreation center. Local victim service agencies and organizations will have informational exhibits and display booths. The event will also include a series of fun trust building exercises, such as a team building exercise mine field where objects are scattered and one person verbally guides his/her blindfolded partner through the minefield. There will also be a balloon release and special events for high school students, including an introduction to anti-crime prevention resources. Activities will also include motivational techniques to help survivors cope with life experiences by learning martial arts and self-defense tactics, Yoga techniques, a Tai Chi demonstration and chair massage therapy, while children can interact with therapy dogs. Promotional items include Frisbees, backpacks, squeeze bottles, and light up necklaces. The event will be advertised in newspaper and radio ads, billboards, and yard signs.



Chattahoochee Circuit Victim-Witness Assistance Program, Columbus: Seventeen high schools will be visited to present “Safety Day” presentations on the dangers of distracted driving at which donated meal coupons with NCVRW information printed on the back will be given out along with promotional items, such as Frisbees, pens, pencils, bookmarks, and palm cards. Coasters with NCVRW logo and victim resources will be delivered to establishments. In addition an annual memorial service will be held at which there will be a guest speaker, a living wreath, and a procession to the Riverwalk’s Homicide Brick Memorial where families read poetry, sing songs, tell stories and release balloons.

Cherokee Family Violence Center, Canton: Cherokee Family Violence Center will run advertisements in two local newspapers. Information in binders will be prepared for the 100 volunteers and staff members who answer the agency’s hotlines. A resource guide and brochures will be developed that includes information victims’ rights and local resources as well as the victim notification system and crime victim compensation program. An information table will be set up at a public event; promotional giveaway items include tumblers and pens.

DeKalb County Solicitor-General's Office, Decatur: The DeKalb Solicitor-General's Office will hold a community-wide public event recognizing victims, families, and communities who have been tragically impacted by crime, yet turned it into something positive. A nationally known victim will be invited to be the key speaker and several local victims will be invited to address a crowd outside the DeKalb County Courthouse. The event will be advertised in several local newspapers and informational posters.



Guam Coalition Against Sexual Assault & Family Violence, Hagatna: The Guam Coalition will hold public events, including an outreach tabling event, a two-day public forum and recognition service at which stories will be shared through a video. The event will be publicized through billboards, social media, banners and roadside waves. A brochure, resource directory and victims' rights cards will be produced and t-shirts will be given away.



Crisis Center of Magic Valley, Twin Falls: A "Crime Victims’ Rights Walk" will be held at which more than 150 people are expected to attend. Social media will be used to get “abused” volunteers whose cutouts will be placed throughout the community. Radio advertisements will be used to promote the event at which t-shirts, bracelets, balloons and posters will be given away.



Lake County State's Attorney Office, Waukegan: The LCSAO will conduct a community outreach campaign beginning with a press release and followed up with social media advertisements. Printed posters and brochures will be distributed to local stores, libraries, community service agencies, and at LCSAO outreach events. The public will be invited to an event, which will highlight victims' rights awareness, feature an inspirational/motivational speaker, and include resource tables from social service agencies. Safety flashlights and keychain whistles will be distributed at the event.



Legacy House, Indianapolis: Legacy House will partner with various agencies for several events each of which will be promoted to the general public through public service announcements media advisories, social media and flyers. Giveaway NCVRW items at these events will include t-shirts, wristbands, lip balm and sunglasses. The primary event will be ROCC-a-Thon (Reaching Out to Citizens affected by Crime) which features 20 large rocking chairs and "celebrity rockers" at a resource fair at which crime victims will tell their stories. Other events include a public rally and balloon release to raise awareness about sexual assault and intimate partner violence; a panel discussion on domestic violence and community response; a candlelight service for homicide victims; and “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes,” to raise awareness about violence against women.



Crime Victim Assistance Division, Iowa Attorney General's Office, Des Moines: This year's project will focus on crime victims in marginalized communities by bus station and bus wrap campaigns in six cities and billboards on two interstate highways.

The Iowa Organization for Victim Assistance, Des Moines: A two-hour event will be held at the Iowa Department of Corrections' Central Office will include two victims/survivors to share their experience of victimization, healing, and inspiration, the presentation of an award to a person who has done exemplary work on behalf of crime victims and distribution of magnetic NCVRW buttons. Billboards will be rented in four cities to direct viewers to the IOVA website and a poster/banner stand will travel around the state for display at various events.



Sunflower House, Shawnee: Sunflower House will provide resources to victims and the general public at an information fair and recognition ceremony. Grocery totes will be given to the first 500 attendees. Attendees will be given a sticker for each agency booth they visit; the number of sticker will determine which additional item, such as pens, calendars and travel tumblers they will be given. A pocket-sized resource guide will be distributed to partner agencies, schools, churches, government offices, libraries and other pubic venues.



Kentucky Office of the Attorney General, Frankfort: A public victims' rights awareness event will be held in the state Capitol Rotunda which will include a keynote speaker on childhood human- trafficking; recognition of the winners of a victims' rights awareness poster contest; a local speaker providing information on victims' rights in Kentucky; distribution of printed informational materials from crime victim services providers. Promotional items, including post-it note pads, pens and nail files, will be given away to attendees. In addition, a crime victims’ rights brochure will also be sent to 177 prosecutors’ offices.

Williamsburg Police Department Victim Advocate Division, Williamsburg: Short stories written by victims of crime and survivors of human trafficking, domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual abuse, and homicide will be compiled printed and published. Three of the participants will be selected to read excerpts of their story at libraries. The purpose of such an event will be to raise public awareness of available resources for victims in the area, to promote NCVRW, and to help empower victims in rediscovering their voice after traumatization. The books will be available for free during the public library events.



Silence is Violence, New Orleans: A series of guest speakers, including victims, victim advocates, law enforcement officials, other stakeholder partners, and the Mayor of New Orleans will speak at a balloon release with the names of crime victims serviced by the agency 2015 on the balloons. Partner organization will be invited to have a booth at the event. The week’s activities will be advertised through local print media, radio public service announcements, and social media. Flyers and posters about the event will be posted throughout New Orleans neighborhoods and at local restaurants and retail stores. A victims’ rights manual will be distributed to all partner organizations.



Community Advocates for Family & Youth, Capital Heights: A recognition event will honor five recipients of “Blue and Gold” awards and at which community organizations will provide resource materials for the general safety of residents. Attendees will receive bags with pens, brochures, information cards and a personal journal to help them continue their healing process. In addition, 15-second messages showing the agency’s website address, HelpLine number and list of partners will be run in eight theater complexes.



Bristol District Attorneys Office, New Bedford: Permanent granite benches will be dedicated in two towns. As part of the dedication ceremony, packets of “forget me not) flowers will be given out for attendee to plant and remember there is hope and local agencies to provide for them in a trusting relationship. Bookmarks will be distributed at every bookstore, public library, service provider waiting rooms and inter-faith agencies in 20 towns. In addition a 12-page coloring book for children will discuss everyone’s right to be safe, loved and happy with information about local resource contact information and a wallet sized resource card will be created for distribution by partnering agencies.

YWCA of Western Massachusetts, Springfield: A “Paint the Pain Away” free public event will be hosted at a local library. Up to 35 participants will have the opportunity to hear three testimonials from residents about how crime affected their lives and engage in an art class to paint images which evoke feelings of happiness. Participants will be given t-shirts, bracelets, sports water bottles and backpacks.



Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services, Dearborn: A youth-led, week long, domestic violence awareness art event will create positive messaging around victim's rights and services, gender equity, and social change focusing on Domestic Violence, Intimate Partner Violence, sexual assault, rape culture, consent, victim blaming, bystander intervention, and others. Local youth will have an opportunity to work with local artists, domestic violence advocates, and survivors of abuse to learn about the different forms of abuse and violence, to hear from survivors, and to work with local artists. A variety of art forms will include visual/conceptual art, photography, new media, video, dance, theater/performance art, music, creative writing, or other forms. The NCVRW Youth Art and Social Change event will be advertised using social media.

City of Detroit Police Department, Detroit: Events will include a balloon release to highlight elimination of the “NO Snitching” street policy; a community crime prevention presentation on gun prevention, sexting, drug prevention, and stranger danger; a discussion forum targeting the LGBT community to discuss hate crimes, sexual orientation, failure to report; equality, trans gender and getting proper assistance and services; and a “Walk for Victim’s Right in the downtown area at the end of which the community can obtain victim assistance information, win prizes, free giveaways, listen to speakers and network with an array of organizations.

Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, Peshawbestown: Grand Traverse Band will host a public 5K fun run/walk where participants can dress up as their favorite superhero in support of victims of crime. A tribal member who is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse will speak at the beginning and end of the run. Awards will be given to the superhero costume winner and t-shirts to the first 200 participants. Every participant will receive a NCVRW water bottle at the beginning of the run and a whistle key ring flash light at the end of the run.



Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians, Red Lake: A memorial walk will circle the tribal pow- wow ground where a drum group will play traditional songs. Community members will be able to visit information booths and receive crime victims’ rights information from local organizations and will create display boards in memory of crime victims. Two speakers will formally address crime victim’s rights and participants will be able to speak about the crime they are memorializing. Three hundred participants in the memorial walk will be given NCVRW t-shirts. A NCVRW banner will be displayed in the hospital lobby and at the public event and radio ads will announce the walk and gathering. Brochures and flyers about victims’ rights will be places at grocery check-out counters, waiting rooms and lobbies.

Someplace Safe, Fergus Falls: NCVRW information, handouts and promotional items will be distributed at two local events. Newspaper ads will include the NCVRW theme and logo, a listing of crime victims’ rights and information on local advocacy services. NCVRW posters, yard signs, buttons and pens will be distributed to local businesses, organizations, college campuses and other entities throughout a nine county area. Prior to NCVRW, awards will be presented to 30 individuals in recognition of their service and assistance to crime victims.



City of Jackson, Jackson: A safety information fair will be held at a medical mall to hand out materials and interact with mall patrons. Brief educational presentations will be conducted on provided services, copies of the Mississippi Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights and a comprehensive resource directory will be distributed. The event will be promoted on a news broadcast. Posters advertising the event will be distributed to event vendors and community partners. Promotional items, including pens, pencils, note pads, t-shirts and tote bags will be given away.

The Shafer Center for Crisis Intervention, Hattiesburg: The Shafer Center will purchase promotional items, including t-shirts, water bottles, magnetic bumper stickers and Frisbees to distribute at a free, live concert. A card with a brief history of crime victims’ rights, the importance of victim’s rights and an invitation to a local celebration and vigil honoring victims will also be distributed at the concert and other community events and festivals.



Safe House for Women, Cape Girardeau: Safe House for Women will advertise NCVRW in radio, television and newspaper ads, digital billboard displays and Facebook ads. Brochures and promotional materials, including bumper stickers and magnets, will be to clients, service providers, businesses and public gathering places as well as the prosecutor’s annual crime victims memorial event.

VictimNet, Independence: VictimNet will invite local service agencies to participate in an event and resource fair targeting both victim service providers and victims. The event will include speakers who will talk about their personal experiences and how they were able to rebuild trust and heal through the restoration of hope and a feature speaker on trauma and exercise, focusing on self-care. A Fit Bit Challenge will be promoted through social media. Individual age group winners will be recognized at the event with a medal. A piece of art reflecting the NCVRW theme will be created and NCVRW t-shirts will be given out to the first 150 people in attendance.



City of Beatrice, Beatrice: Billboards displaying NCVRW artwork and the Gage County Victim Assistance Program phone number will be placed on major highways. Promotional items, including pens and grocery tote bags, brochures, business cards and posters will be distributed to the public and partner agency as gift bags.



Alliance For Victim's Rights, Reno: The 23rd Annual Candlelight Vigil honoring survivors of crime will be held at which ten annual “Bringing Respect and Honor to Victims Awards” will be presented and Victim Memorial Quilts will be displayed. Event volunteers will be given a small gift bag utilizing a candle or NCVRW coffee mug and a small inspiration book. A plaque honoring a deserving family will hang in a memorial garden that was created for families to honor and remember loved ones who were victims of violent crime.


New Jersey

New Jersey Department of Corrections, Trenton: Rubber bracelets with the NCVRW logo will be worn by the social services department in all twelve correctional departments and chaplaincy departments. Promotional items will also be given away at an state annual ceremony. Victims’ rights will be highlighted at statewide institutional ceremonies for all offender participants who have completed the Focus on the Victim program. Advocates will also be gifted with giveaways as a “thank you” for their service.

Passaic County Prosecutor's Office of Victim Witness Advocacy, Paterson: Radio ads and posters will be used to promote two public NCVRW events. The posters will inform the public about county victim service agencies and distributed to the community at large including social service agencies, houses of worship, local hospitals and local law enforcement agencies. The two events are a family violence forum addressing issues of domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, child physical and sexual abuse and juvenile crime and a candlelight vigil.


New Mexico

3rd Judicial District Attorney's Office, Las Cruces: A Walk Expo will be held prior to which t- shirts and a tote bag of informational promotional items, including a letter opener and coloring books, will be given to participants. A banner reading "Serving Victims, Building Trust and Restoring Hope" will be at the head of the walk. The event will also include guest speakers, a memorial video and solidarity bands, which will help honor those victims that have been lost to a violent crime. The event will be advertised on local radio.

Enlace Comunitaro, Albuquerque: Enlace Comunitario will host a bilingual (English/Spanish) Crime Victims Awareness Event to showcase a documentary about the life of a survivor of domestic violence who became a community leader and an ambassador of our work. The event will also include speakers from governmental and non-governmental agencies who will talk about victims' rights. The event will also feature at least three survivors of crime and/or relatives of crime victims who will speak out about how crime personally impacted them, the resources that they accessed to overcome their crimes, and/or share poetry that they've written as part of their personal recovery. The event will be advertised on radio and billboards. Educational materials will be provided for childcare activities during the event and giveaway items will include pens, balloons, and bilingual plastic cups, key chains and bracelets.


New York

Ctr for the Elimination of Violence in the Family, Inc., Brooklyn: The Center Against Domestic Violence will host an awareness day rally and fair targeting Brooklyn residents, youth and people whose primary language is Spanish. At the event promotional items, including pens, wristbands and button, and crime victims’ rights brochures and palm cards will be distributed. The event will include presentations by former crime victims and advocates, including participants from the Center's teen date violence awareness program and its English and Spanish language support groups. Partner organizations will also staff information tables and offer presentations.

Korean American Family Service Center, Flushing: KAFSC will conduct a “You Are Not Alone” advertising campaign in multiple languages to inform immigrant populations of culturally and linguistically accessible victim resources. The campaign will say the theme in English, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic languages through advertising on bus interiors and bus shelters on key busy routes and areas. Advertising will be placed in two popular Korean free-to-the-public magazines that are commonly picked up in neighborhood grocery stores, hair salons and other locations.

New York Crime Victims Assistance Task Force, Saratoga Springs: Several events will be held during NCVRW, including a Crime Victims' Candlelight Vigil where a scroll with victim's names will be displayed, appropriate musical selections will be performed and a candle lighting ceremony will be held in memory of all crime victims. Other events include an awards ceremony to recognize those in the community that have fought for the rights of crime victims; a Ceremony of Remembrance held at the Homicide Victims' Rose Garden where new rose bushes will be dedicated and the families of those who have roses already in their names are invited to speak out about their loved ones; a DWI Victims' Memorial at the DWI Memorial; annual Take Back the Night rallies that will include speakers, music, informational tables and a march; and a Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event. A calendar of NCVRW events and NCVRW pin information cards will be printed and promotional items, including pens and tissues provided. Web and print advertising will be used to publicize the events.

Ulster County Probation - Crime Victims' Assistance Program, Kingston: Several events will be conducted including two information fairs and movie screenings. One information fair will be held targeting seniors, retirees, and parents and the other targeting seniors, veterans, immigrants with a bilingual staff member available to assist Spanish speaking attendees. The movie, “The Hunting Ground” will be shown to college students and followed by a discussion of the film. The movie, “Heaven’s Rain,” will be viewed by residents and family members followed by a discussion during which a survivor will tell his/her story and how he/she benefited from victims’ services. Literature tables will be available at both movie showings. In addition, a display of art worked created by the LGBTQ community will highlight the NCVRW theme. The activities will be publicized through a video available on the county website and social media and included in press kits as well as through radio public service announcements, newspaper advertisements and posters. Staff members and volunteers will wear NCVRW t-shirts which will also be used in promotional gift baskets.


North Carolina

Destined to Win Ministries, Winterville: A public event will feature Willie A. Baker as the speaker to enhance public awareness. Printed materials, including an event calendar, fliers, posters and banners will be distributed to the general public. A representative from The Real Crisis Center will address victims and the general public and a candlelight vigil will be held for victims/survivors and their families. Radio announcements, newspaper ads and social media will be used to promote the NCVRW video and them.

North Carolina Victim Assistance Network, Raleigh: Two events will be held. The first will be an evening event at which a pre-event reception attendees can greet each other and share information. Exhibit tables with crime victims’ rights and resources will be available. The main ceremony will include an opening by the North Carolina National Guard Honor Guard, a victim/survivor of human trafficking as the keynote speaker, a short memorials video, photos of victims, a memorial flower ceremony and musical interludes by a youth choir. Each attendee will receive a ribbon name badge. The second event will be a Crime Victims’ Rights Week Memorial Ceremony at with the keynote speaker will be the father of a murdered woman. Attendees at each event will receive a NCVRW tumbler.


North Dakota

North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Bismarck: Four billboards will display NCVRW information and print and online advertisements in seven newspapers will provide NCVRW and contact information for resources as well as in paid Facebook ads. Flyers and posters will be distributed throughout the state by local and county victim services employees and volunteers. Customized stickers promoting the NCVRW theme will be worn by statewide public safety employees distributed to city, county and state agencies.



Area Agency on Aging 3, Lima: The distribution of printed materials in seven counties will include yard signs and posters in high traffic areas such as court house lawns, businesses and schools, churches, libraries and food pantries, and police departments. Stickers on pizza boxes will be distributed in cooperation with local pizzerias. Media press releases will be done in the major newspapers in the seven counties to heighten the public awareness of NCVRW, to educate the public of the prevalence of crime and the need for increased services to assist the victims of crime. Potential victims will also be encouraged to come forward to get the help they need.

Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services, Columbus: A 60-second public service announcement will be produced and aired during NCVRW on Africa TV Network, a pan­African news entertainment and sports channel. In addition, a large billboard in an area that is home to many immigrant and refugee families will display the NCVRW logo and colors with the message that crime happens, be prepared and know your rights.

Mayerson Center for Safe and Healthy Children, Cincinnati: The Joining Forces for Children community collaboration will spread awareness about the lifelong effects of trauma on children and families and to empower residents to build safer, more nurturing environments for their youth through the use of ten billboards throughout the Cincinnati region. While the billboards will be focused on the effects of trauma, they will exhibit positive messages about hope and resilience to empower residents and align with the NCVRW theme of building trust and restoring hope. Billboards will also be culturally and racially relatable for each of the communities where they will be displayed.

Townhall 2, Kent: During NCVRW, Townhall II Violence Prevention & Outreach Program's 49 volunteers and staff will wear t-shirts using the NCVRW colors and theme throughout the week displaying awareness ribbons on the sleeves. They will invite the community to ask what the ribbons stand for as well as handing out ribbon cards. Each card will include a victimization awareness message, statistics about each crime, local helpline number, as well as, the corresponding victim awareness ribbon, and the NCVRW theme “Serving Victims. Building Trust. Restoring Hope.” The Townhall II Teen Team, a group of high school students selected from Portage County schools, will assemble the ribbon cards after receiving a training on each ribbon topic. The Rape Crisis Center of Medina and Summit Counties’ staff and volunteers will display the same NCVRW t-shirts with ribbons attached and the same victimization awareness ribbon cards.

Turning Point, Marion: A portion of the Clothesline Project will be displayed at a public event to bring attention to the issue of domestic violence. Guests will be able to read powerful messages written on each shirt and art projects create by teens will be displayed. Winners will be given awards and a facilitated panel of speakers will include representative of different areas and supporting agencies and a victim/survivor. The event will wrap up with a balloon launch. Promotional items will be distributed to the community, including whistle keychains, blue and yellow pens, notepads, bracelets and plastic ribbon pins. Poster, flyers and tri-fold brochures will be printed.



Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma, Perkins: Awareness activities will focus on victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, teen dating violence, impaired driving and human trafficking by a community event and the distribution of promotional items. Participants at the community event will be introduced to various crime victim scenarios each of which will begin with a crime or disclosure. As each scenario is worked through, participants will give a presentation on what they do to assist victims. The event will end with a balloon release. Reusable totes will be handed out at grocery stores; hotel key card holders with the NCVRW logo, the Human Trafficking National Hotline and shelter phone numbers will be distributed to local hotels and motels; bookmarks will be taken to local schools and libraries; and light blue bracelets and blue umbrellas will be handed out at various locations.

Kaw Nation, Kaw City: An awareness event will be held that will focus on providing better coordination of comprehensive services to all victims of crime and new VAWA guidelines for tribal governments. Other agencies, Kaw Nation employees and the general public will be invited to the event which will feature culturally appropriate education and awareness activities, a color walk/run in support of victims, a guest speaker and balloon release at the start of the walk in honor or in memory of victims of abuse. A new public service announcement will be introduced. The event will be promoted through newspaper and radio advertisements and invitations will be sent to other tribal, state and federal agencies, law enforcement, service providers, the Oklahoma District Attorney’s Council and others. A conference table with a variety of “raffle items,” including t-shirts, Frisbees, mugs, lotion bags, brochures and culturally sensitive giveaways will be set up. Each item will be drawn for periodically throughout the event and t- shirts will be given to each registered participant.



Abuse & Rape Crisis Center, Towanda: The Abuse and Rape Crisis Center will create a local mass media campaign consisting of billboards and newspaper advertisements using the NCVRW color, theme and logo.

Network of Victim Assistance, Jamison: Invitations using NCVRW artwork will be sent to agency donors and clients to attend a candlelight tribute honoring and remembering victims of crime. Prior to NCVRW, agency clients will create a “Tree of Hope” mosaic mural representing hope and resilience that will travel throughout the county and displayed places with at high pedestrian traffic. A crime victims’ rights panel presentation will be held at a local college to discuss victims’ rights across college campuses and in the civil and criminal justice systems. Newspaper ads will advertise both the tribute and the panel discussion and include information about victim rights and services. “I stand in support of Crime Victims’ Rights!” t-shirts incorporating the NCVRW logo, colors and image will be given to clients, college student campus coordinators and attendees at the candlelight tribute and panel presentation.

North Central Victim Services, Philadelphia: North Central Victim Services will host a kickball game and victim awareness 5K walk and run during NCVRW as well as a social media campaign to shine a light on recovery from victimization. Students, community residents and police officers will compete in the kickball game for a four foot trophy with NCVRW name, logo and the date of the event. During the game, announcements will be made about the importance of victims’ rights. Flyers for the awareness walk will be distributed at the end of the game. Participants may choose to run during the first hour of the 5k run and walk at the end of which a victim will share his or her experience. Participants will be given a NCVRW short sleeved shirt; tables with blue and gold paint will be available for participants to put handprints on their shirts. Business card sized cards with victim resources in English and Spanish will be distributed and two groups of runners and walkers will be posted on the agency’s Facebook page with a list of rights and resources for crime victims.


Rhode Island

Day One, Providence: Day One will increase awareness of sexual assault and services for victims through its third annual Day One 5K, a public event for students and faculty from high schools, middle schools and several colleges and universities throughout the state. Resources on ways to be involved to help end sexual violence will be provided attendees. Billboards will be placed statewide to bring awareness to sexual assault and victim services, radio spots will be run, social media will be used and promotional posters and post card will bring awareness to the 5K event.


South Carolina

South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services, Columbia: A statewide community awareness campaign will include the distribution of information materials, including posters of Spanish-translations of South Carolina’s Victims’ Bill of Rights and a victim resource guide will be placed in various locations, including libraries, gas stations, convenience stores, fast food venues, churches and public buildings in rural and underserved communities throughout the State. Information fairs will also be held at four locations focusing on available victim services and how the parole, probation and pardon processes work. Victims and survivors will be invited to share their stories at a booth with self- expressions of artwork, poetry and essays that will remain on display in agency offices. Attendees will participate in a memorial ceremony.


South Dakota

Mitchell Area Safehouse, Mitchell: Mitchell Area Safehouse will implement a media campaign and community awareness/safety expo starting off with the Clothesline Project and Silent Witness display to remember those who have been lost, injured and/or traumatized due to crimes committed against them. The media campaign will include posters, handouts, bookmarks and pens to law enforcement agencies, courthouses, hospitals, clinics schools and public libraries in order to reach victims/survivors and the general public. The safety expo will be held on the local college campus and will provide participants of all ages with safety information to protect themselves in the event of domestic violence, child abuse, dating education, elder abuse, stalking human trafficking and other crimes. Participants will receive a tote with NCVRW information. The expo will include a panel of professionals sharing and answering questions about the services they provide. There will be a breakout room for each category of victimization: kid power, teen relationship safety skills, adult safety and a victim/survivor room. The expo will end with a crime victims advocate speaking about what crime victims face and how to come together as a community to help build trust and restore hope for each other. The event will be promoted through flyers, social media, public service announcements, emails and mailings.

Wiconi Wawokiya, Inc., Fort Thompson: A survivor's panels of criminal justice officials, an advocate and a victim or victim’s family will be held in two locations. The panel will include information about criminal statistics and crime in South Dakota, the rights of survivors, the crime victims’ compensation program, what shelters can provide victims and other available resources. T-shirts will be given to participants and after the panel, the public will be invited to join in a walk through the community to express support for crime victims. The panels will be advertised on flyers, website and through Facebook.



The Monroe County Community Health Access Committee, Madisonville: County-wide publicity of crime victim's rights will be broadcast across the county using four billboards. Double-sided road signs will also displayed throughout the communities and the most rural areas of the county. Victims' rights and resources will be promoted through the use of Facebook advertising, local newspaper articles, and radio public service announcements. Printed materials such as durable crime victims’ rights and resources information cards, printed in both English and Spanish, will be given to police officers to give to victims when police are called to a crime scene. Resource guides and Monroe STOPe brochures will include crime victims' rights information and a list of local, state and national resources. A Candlelight Vigil in honor of all victims and survivors of crime will be held on the footsteps of the downtown courthouse. T-shirts promoting crime victims' rights and services will be given to Health Council staff and all county employees to be worn during NCVRW.



AVDA, Houston: Fifteen billboards in English and Spanish with different artwork will be placed in Hispanic and African-American areas of Houston. AVDA will maximize visibility through a press launch of the campaign.

Del Mar College Foundation, Corpus Christi: The Del Mar College Division of Student Engagement and Retention will organize a crime victims' rights public awareness campaign featuring a proclamation, keynote speakers, recognition awards presented to outstanding victims' advocates, and a ribbon cutting for the Express Past the Pain art exhibit. Other events include a resource fair and an "Ask the Experts" event. The Express Past the Pain are exhibit will feature students and community members using healthy ways to express their feelings and promote healing through writing, art, photography, poster, video, sculpture and other mediums. Each participant will receive a free NCVRW t-shirt. Yard signs will be placed around the campus leading to the art exhibit. Throughout NCVRW, pinwheels honoring victims of violent crimes will be placed on the campus. A resource fair and “Ask the Experts” event will feature community victim service agencies providing essential information on issues faced by victims, including the Victims’ Bill of Rights, statistics on crime and crime victims impacting the community and a listing of local resources. NCVRW t-shirts will be given to resource fair attendees. The “Ask the Experts” event will be held at a television station during which various agency specialists will answer calls and questions submitted by phone or social media about victims’ rights.

Resource and Crisis Center of Galveston County, Galveston: Several NCVRW events will be conducted. The first event will be a candlelight vigil where banners will be put up prior to the event and bracelets will be handed out to attendees. The second event will be a public speaker, Dr. Ellen Elliston of the Parkland Hospital Victim Intervention Program at the University of Texas at Arlington. The third event will be a community fair at which banners will be displayed and plastic bracelets, balloons, and reusable grocery bags will be given away. Children will paint white shirts and face painting will be offered. The final event will be a walk for survivors at which promotional items will be handed out and banners used. All events will be promoted through printed advertising, press releases, workplace venues and electronic media.



Restoring Ancestral Winds, Tremonton: A special candlelight vigil and memorial services will be held on the first evening of a two-day conference during NCVRW. A special effort will be made to recognize the Native American victims in the area, a population which experiences the highest rates of domestic, dating, family and sexual violence, stalking and sex-trafficking than any other demographic. Both tribal and non-tribal leaders will be invited to attend the vigil/memorial at which silhouettes of silent witnesses will represent tribal and non-tribal victims. Tribal witnesses will wear traditional shawls and non- tribal witnesses will have shields. In addition to the vigil/memorial, a statewide media campaign will be conducted involving social media and newspapers. Part of this media campaign will be videotaping witnesses’ stories to be posted on media sites. Posters and victims’ rights cards will be distributed in stores, hospitals, restaurants, campus locations and entertainment locations.

Utah Office for Victims of Crime, Salt Lake City: Candles and glow sticks will be provided for a statewide candlelight vigil and interfaith service honoring all victims of crime. Each member of the Utah Crime Victims Council will organize a service in their own district which will be assisted by distributing candles to those areas that cannot acquire them on their own. The vigils will also be promoted on the statewide calendar. Information booths will be set up in the main area of a Utah Jazz home game during NCVRW at which NCVRW, a crime victim and short scrimmage between two local law enforcement agencies will take place during halftime. Another event will be a statewide Youth Art Contest for all kids ages K-12 submitting poetry/creative writing, artwork, photography, music and videography. The winning videos will be used for public service announcements; music winners will be posted on the news network and the art, writing, and photography winners will be displayed on t-shirts, flyers/posters, and in newspaper. All winners will be recognized on a website. Other events include a Know Your Rights educational forum/panel at Utah State University's Campus; a Family fun Night for families to receive NCVRW information either a speaker to address crime victims’ rights and the 2016 NCVRW theme at the public library or a monument to victims of the 2007 Trolley Square Shooting. Promotional items given away at these events include Frisbees, water bottles, keychains, and Chap sticks; t-shirts will be worn and also given away at the events.



Child First Advocacy Center, Rutland: Funds will be utilized to host a one-time local event and forum to include local area agencies, resources, and promotion of awareness of all victims of crime in Rutland County. Pinwheels will be planted to represent each victim of crime in the county and NCVRW tote bags with resources and information from all area partners that provide assistance to victims of crime will be distributed. Candles will be lit in solidarity to acknowledge and remember all the individuals affected by crime in the county. T-Shirts will be provided to the first 75 attendees, the remaining 25 will be provided to event planners.



New Kent/Charles City Victim Witness Program, New Kent: Yard signs with NCVRW artwork and logo will be placed along a major highway running through two counties. Stone coasters, pens with NCVRW artwork and logo and a “Going to Court” coloring book and crayons will be distributed at information tables in seven county courthouses. Newspaper ads will be placed in seven local newspapers.

Norfolk Commonwealth Attorney, Norfolk: Promotional item with the NCVRW logo and colors, including reusable grocery bags, pens, pencils, magnets and cups, will be given away at a Community Day Resource Fair and at five public awareness outreach events in local libraries. Flyers and radio ads will promote NCVRW and the Community Resource Fair event.



Rural Resource Victim Services, Colville: Facebook ads and four billboards along the main thoroughfare will alert commuters to the services available to crime victims.

The Emergency Support Shelter, Longview: A free Family Carnival held at a local gymnasium will target families, kids and teenagers by including family fun games, many of which will be tailored around NCVRW theme. Among the activities will be a guest speaker, a trivia game about crime victims' rights and "Empowerment Bingo." The event will also feature local agencies that will have a table at the event to host an activity. Each participant at the carnival will receive a “passport” that can be stamped by each agency’s booth. A photo and camera booth will be available where survivors can share their story which can be shared with other people who later come into the booth. The purpose of this client based activity is to help survivors own their story by talking about their experiences out loud and to feel empowered by their strength to share. In addition to the carnival, advocates will host several free ID theft prevention workshops at the local library and community college. Flyers will be distributed around town and events will be advertised on social media, in the local movie theater and in the local newspaper. Various promotional items, including stress balls, pens, cups with straws, sticky notes, totes and mini hand sanitizers will be distributed.


West Virginia

The Family Refuge Center, Inc., Lewisburg: A recognition ceremony and a candlelight vigil will be held to recognize community champions of victim's rights from three counties. A total of six individuals will be recognized and awarded a Beacon of Hope plaque. The ceremony will be open to the public and include a panel of front-line professionals who will speak about victim rights and a survivor who will emphasize how working with the agency aided her in knowing her rights. The candlelight vigil will include a survivor sharing their story and an advocate talking about victims’ rights and services and how to access those services. A direct mail campaign will be used to notify communities about the events and the agency’s services. Billboards incorporating the NCVRW logo, colors and theme will be used to share information about victim's rights. Brochures will be circulated in all three counties to publicize the events and bracelets and pens will be distributed at both events.



Wisconsin Victim Witness Professionals, Alma: Wisconsin Victim Witness Professionals will distribute reusable tote bags and color flyers with the NCVRW theme and colors to victim/witness coordinators across the state. The coordinators will collaborate with local law enforcement, victim advocates, and other community partners to display and share the flyer in the community and at NCVRW events. WVWP representatives will hold press conferences and reach out to local media to announce NCVRW and describe the total bag promotion to raise awareness of crime victims’ rights.



Advocacy & Resource Center, Sheridan: The Advocacy & Resource Center will promote NCVRW through radio ads on six stations, advertisements in two newspapers and through Facebook s. Posters will be distributed throughout the community at local schools, congregations, courthouses, public buildings, local gatherings and other locations where information is available. NCVRW coffee mugs will be distributed to agencies visited during NCVRW to promote the campaign, to build new referral relationships and educate community partners.